Top#0409 banned by Rukofamicom

Discord ID: top#0409

Admin Discord ID: crossedfall (maybe?)

Ban Length: Permanant

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Unsure of the exact date. It was 2-3 years ago when bee went 18 or older. Can’t find any DMs from beebot or dyno about it, sorry

Ban Reason: being under 18 (16)

Appeal Reason: I am now 18

Additional Information: I was active in the community for a little while as ThatOnePerson, made some code contributions and talked with people on the discord a lot. I had already said my age well before the 18+ rule was even being discussed so I was banned instantly when it happened. some people might remember me, probably not though because I wasnt a huge name. I wanted to get back into ss13 and this is by far my favorite server

the rules on the wiki state that bans due to the 18 rule are not appealable, but I do hope you consider it cuz I would love to continue playing here and contributing to the code, especially now that I’ve improved a lot


I think if your age was known before the policy update then the ban can be lifted. That was the case with another person’s under 18 ban - they were an admin and known to be under 18 before the rule took effect, and got unbanned once they turned 18.


not appealable means not appealable. So if this was set as perma at the time, thats that. And if it was timed, then its up when its up.
I suppose ill make the spooky ghost look at this anyways if itll make you feel better. But dont get your hopes up.

Going back in the history, looks like we banned you for 1-day by mistake and had to correct it with a secondary perma-ban. Unfortunately since the first ban already booted you out the second one couldn’t be timed like it was supposed to be.

Given that your game ban has expired, I’ll lift your Discord one as well.

Happy belated birthday and welcome back! You can rejoin with: BeeStation 13