Toogrand banned by Termaus

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
not perma
Ban Length:
30 days
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Powergaming as head, low RP behaviour and has a history of it. You can always do these on golden, but please don’t ever do this in sage. Next time will be a permanent ban.
Appeal Reason:
1st of all trialmin. second i had the sunnies for my new out that i got from donating. 3rd i had gloves so i could hack robos machine for him. 4th i had a disabler for self defense as i was talking to chap and 2 heretics ran from us and people were disapearing. 5th i had the cable cuffs so i could craft flashlight eyes.
and then lying in a ticket
Additional Information:
i think this is just a case of a newer trial admin getting a little too trigger happy

What head job were you?

RD and it was lowpop

30 players is not lowpop
I was on as well and authorized this ban and reviewed the ticket.

You lost my faith as soon as you said “nobody role plays on sage anymore anyway, at least I try”. I reviewed your logs for the round. You immediately left science and started trying to acquire ketamine. When your first ticket came in, we didn’t even realize you were RD yet - but the second one we did and it became apparent you were completely abandoning your job.

All you had done in the round was mess with Ketamine to try and force yourself into a split personality, and at time of second ticket you were carrying around a disabler and makeshift cuffs for no particular reason.

Also - I’m the one that gave you the forced heart attack so you would respond to the ticket faster instead of continuing to chase your ketamine in chemistry despite ongoing bwoink. It had already been decided to ban at this point due to note history, so you didn’t need to continue to focus on the round.

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Personally I’d deny it from looking at the appeal alone. The information added by ruko only backs up my initial impression that this ban is justified.

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Starting the appeal with a reason ‘trialmin’, bruh. Same opinion as Aeder on this one.


also, why is the head ban both server, this happened on sage

why tf would you head ban him from both

Head of staff conduct applies to both servers as per R7 rule.

Taking RD just to have a cool title with cool perks and gear, then just going roundstart to make ketamine breaks it.


Note that “Head of staff conduct” is not in that picture - it is R7, and like all rules labeld R[Number] applys to both servers equaly.
I get that it takes some time to adjust to the new rules, but i think they’ve been around long enough now that people can be expected to understand.
Not to dig at you with that - plenty of people seem to struggle with adjusting still, somehow.

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Deny this. Close the thread.

but the rule was broken on sage correct? and you want players oon golden yes?

Not player that dont follow the rules, no.
ANd if you cant follow the rules on one server, how can we trust you to obey them on the other server?

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because im playing on the other server?
why would i fuck up again and risk a perm ban

You broke a rule that is shared on both servers, why would you be banned on one and not on the other one?

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ban has expired