Title: TTGNASAIsmean banned by Mat05usz

Title:TTGNASAIsmean banned by Mat05usz



Sage: MRP.:

I believe it was Sage.





"Low hours account, opened one plasma canister in toxins, then dragged another one to medbay and opened it too, saying they didn’t know it would flood."

**Hello, I don’t exactly remember what happened. However, I have a vague idea and realized how stupid it was of me to do that. I have been recently playing on other servers such as TerraGov, and a couple of others. Those many months ago I was a complete “Shitter” if you will. And overall just wanted to sow chaos. Recently I have learned how great tgbased code is and wanted to try some of the servers out. I remembered bee station and remembered being banned on it. I hope to be given a second chance and experience Beestation again. **


Where have you been playing recently?

Perhaps a server that could vouch that you haven’t been


Im mostly concerned that it appears you lied in the admin PM. If you open one can you could be believed that you didn’t know it would flood, but dragging another to medbay and opening it there too…

Whilst my record on tgstation isnt exactly the best. The notes I have been receiving have been going down at the very least. Im not sure what you mean by lying in the ban appeal. Like said I was a complete shitter and just wanted to sow chaos. After I saw it flood I saw its destructive power.

What I meant was lying in the bwoink, apologies. One can flooding, perhaps. Opening a second can after directly seeing that doing so floods the area with plasma.

Are you able to log on their servers, ping an online admin and say something along the lines of “would you tell beestation that I’m not going to max cap and destroy the station the second I’m unbanned?”

lol sure. one second please

It might take a while due to one admin being online. If it does ill hop on there discord.

Sounds good. Feel free to link them the thread , screenshot replies if they allow or send them to our discord.

(I’m not an admin anymore so you don’t have to listen to me on this one, on anything else too) If I recall that ban I think they opened a plasma cannister in toxins storage, which also flooded toxins too. When asked about it they said that they are new and they didn’t know that’s going to flood/or flood that fast. I thought okay, spills happen to everyone, it’s just toxins so not that bad. Then they just dragged another canister to medbay foyer and opened it, that’s when I decided that this is a griefer account and perma banned them. End of story. Probably first open was to test how fast and second to just grief, no clue, it was 5 months ago.

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yo @TheGoodAstronaut the appeal is still open

Guess it is taking a really long time to get that vouch

Lack of vouch in three weeks makes me doubt that there was one in the first place. Denied. Reappeal when you have one.