Title: TheMaggotGuy banned by tyranicranger4

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
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Ban Reason:
As a non-antag mime decided to name themselves after another well known player and spent their entire round either running around shoving/throwing people and then farting on them. Or shitposting over comms (while still impersonating the other person) including some rather inappropriate messages, such as, “i love brown mustard”, “I eat my own poo poo”. And also “if you can kill me, you can take my stuff!” “I am at the chapel!”. Seems to think this was fine to do since impersonating someone “isn’t mentioned in the rules”. Recently got a permanent ban appealed placing them on thin ice, I however do not believe you are here to roleplay.

Appeal Reason:
Shovefarting is cringe when it’s the only thing you do. And I’m not going to excuse the “It’s okay to kill me” or “I eat crap” stuff either, that was wrong too. I want to make it clear I get why impersonating another player isn’t cool at all, now, as I’ve grown more. At the time though, I legitimately didn’t see there being a problem with it. I’ve said it in private but I’ll say it here publicly, I have autism. Sometimes I just don’t see what I’m doing the way other people do. I had no maliciousness when impersonating the guy, but I did get carried away. I shouldn’t have tried to get him killed. So here I am.

Additional Information:
No vouch?

I shouldn’t have impersonated that guy, and I shouldn’t have been an ass about it. That was my fault. I want to ask one thing, however. If I hadn’t impersonated the guy, would the ban be less than perma? I understand that admins can revoke their bans at any time, and ban length changes happen constantly as well. The rule against impersonation was added 4 and half months ago, (Discord) when apparently some people did impersonate people maliciously, which was not my intent. I think it’s entirely possible that even if the ban had been applied without the weight of impersonation, I would have gotten myself permabanned later that year. But it isn’t that year. What I’m asking for is a re-evaluation of the punishment along the lines that me taking that guy’s name was without ill intent, even though the other parts were, and that taking the guy’s name would also not be an offense for the next seven and a half months. Clearly what I did deserves punishment, but I’ve already served a year of punishment. Here’s praying.

@Tyranicranger4 @TeomanTheGreat_Phil

(Get to this only when you have the time, I’m not going anywhere).