Title: [Stickymouse1] banned by [ yoshimiwastaken]


Admin’s CKEY:
< yoshimiwastaken>
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Which server did the ban happen on?

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
<2021-04-24 00:23>
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
<Rules broken: M1.5, M1.3, M2.2, M2.3 As nonantag, took the HOP’s ID, refused to return it hiding it instead in dorms, had a flash claiming to be building a borg. If this is the case he should not have been doing someone else’s job without permission, though I doubt it considering the lack of other parts for it. Was very rude in the ticket and DCed in the middle of the admin PMs. Come back and appeal on forums when you decide to rp on Sage>
Appeal Reason:

Additional Information:
<didnt know i even had this ban its true i took hop id after he transformed into an abomination(i think?) but didnt even bother using it station was fucked at that point anyway just tucked it in dormitory and left it be as for the flash as soon as i took it was busy talking with the admin didnt even have the time to play the round honestly and anyway building a borg from scraetch sound like a decent side project to do as an assistant (without taking anything from robotics) as for the very rude i can only say the admin is being oversenstive and overeacting didnt even swore at him or talk shit just insisting on a point that taking a flash is an issue usually sec handel (i dont think sec would really care as the place was falling apart at that point) as for leaving i had to take a shit and i got called for dinner so i did that >

weird some section are empty even tho they are clearly written by my side
so il fill them up here
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:

Its because you left the <> around it got recognized as an HTML formating tag thingy
not to worry though.

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yo is the admin not active anymore or something?

Just a moment I’ll look into this in a few minutes

the ENTIRETY of the PM

[2021-04-23 23:40:18.987] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan)->Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury): got a sec?

[2021-04-23 23:40:23.294] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan): ye

[2021-04-23 23:42:23.713] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan)->Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury): What were you doing with the HOP’s ID? And why do you have a flash on you as assistant. Also incredibly lrp behaviour frankly. You’ve read Sage’s rules post-update, have you not?

[2021-04-23 23:45:39.024] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan): i found it laying on the ground its not like i even used it and what its illegal to have a flashlight on me as an assistant? i didnt even flash anybody and beside what i did was not big of a deal honestly if your talking about taking the pda at best harmless prank if you are trying to pick faults with me i suggest foucsing on the other i see stupid shit here all time now im frankly suprised im being questioned about having a flashlight and taken a fallen pda

[2021-04-23 23:48:39.033] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan)->Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury): You’re not supposed to have it, if you find it, standard of procedure is to return it to its owner or the HOP. And there’s a difference between a flash and a flashlight, why did you grab a flash? And just because someone else does it doesn’t make it okay, you should ahelp that if you see it because powergaming is against Sage’s rules/

[2021-04-23 23:50:45.415] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan): at best taking the pda would what waste 3 minutes of hop time to print a new one and if you are worried about it being used i locked it in a closed in dormitory even im not able to open it as for the flash what of it im planning to make a cyborg anyway

[2021-04-23 23:52:53.318] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan): you watching this?

[2021-04-23 23:52:56.967] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan)->Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury): It’s supposed to be returned, that’s the point I was saying. And making a cyborg breaks a rule too debatably, you’re an assistant, you have to help how you can, unless you specifically got permission to help Robotics you should not be making borgs

[2021-04-23 23:55:27.880] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan)->Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury): not to mention using ‘antag’ which is ock ick and valid hunting. LRP is pretty much just around the corner and can fit you well.

[2021-04-24 00:00:43.191] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury)->YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan): are you seriosly bothering me for taking a pda and a flashlight not using while the clown has kidnapped half the station? this is the same server that yesterday was hanging every dead assistant from medbay and putting chaplin on a cross? i dunno man all im saying these are too much orders no one play beestation for its rp everyone who play sage is mostly looking for lrp with a bit of order and wait a second why im being contacted by an admin in the first place shouldnt i be just apperhanded by sec?

[2021-04-24 00:02:45.494] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: YoshimiWasTaken/(Shamrock O’Sullivan)->Stickymouse1/(Bryan Fury): It isn’t a flashlight! The clown car is IC and you’re being contacted because you can’t follow rules.

I have tried to correct you REPEATEDLY that you didn’t have a flashlight, but a flash, and you said you were going to make a robot before going right back to calling it a flashlight. And the way your messages came off felt aggressive, and brash. Not to mention repeatedly disregarding what I said about the ID, and hiding behind other peoples’ actions, one person doing something does not make it an ok thing to do, not to deal a kick to the balls here but that’s like committing genocide because ‘oh but the Turks did it, and Hitler did it’, and it wasn’t ok when they did it either.

If one person starts griefing, it doesn’t make it ok so saying ‘oh but they did it’ is not an excuse, get it?

You don’t seem to have learned anything, unless pending inputs from @GameAdmin say otherwise it’s a no from me.

i was new at the time and tbh i still call a flash a flashlight to this day so that is that its its not like me calling at a flashlight will turn to one. as for hiding behind other pepole’s action at the time i saw way worse things other player did that i feel went off untouched like way worse and they seem to be playing perfectly fine at least taking the transformed hop id (to open that glass door behind him to get the flash ) in a time where station fucked didnt seem that big of a deal at the time its not like i helped the antag with it or messed with the station greatly
if my messages came agressive and brash well sorry for you seeing it that way im just talking normally i dont mind if you wana sound agressive and brash to me as long we aint disrespecting each other
(ps i remebered that dorms had a no oxegyne/pressure so thats why i wasnt even bothering to return it knowing its locked well was cool for me)
hold on a sec btw how does any of this warrant a definitfe ban?

With that ticket conduct you can keep the ban.

at least until you correct the way you talk to the volunteer administrative staff.

We’re not paid to put up with your bullshit.
We’re not paid.
We’re not going to put up with you trying to duck and dive under this sort of shit.

Sage is an MRP server. I do not care what people are “looking” for. It’s an MRP server and if you don’t follow the MRP guidelines, rules, and standards then you’re going to get banned from MRP.

Admittedly, it was moreso that you dced mid bwoink, seeing it explained here I can argue for maybe a reduction (stuff happens I get it, dinner’s ready or you need to do homework), but please watch your tone, not only to volunteer staff, but to others as well. You wouldn’t talk to your mother like that I’m sure, and you’d presumably not like it if others talked in that tone of voice as well. A little kindness goes a long way

im sorry but let me repeat i dont hold a malicous intent in my tone dont imagine me screaming or shit i dont have the profiosnalism to talk the profisoonal way so im talking like talking to my mates and shit so sorry for that if it hurt you man

Imo that ticket is worth keeping the permanent ban.

It’s also hard to RP when you can barely form coherent statements.



Based Ruko.

I support this :fist: :pensive:

I hope this isn’t seen as a peanut post, I just want to give some tips and pointers to @stickymouse

The reason why the argument “but I’ve seen other people do the same” doesn’t work is because when other people do the same they do not use this motivation as their argument when asked.

Sage offers a lot of freedom for deviating from what you are expected to do, but it is done so responsibly with proper ingame motivation for why you are doing something out of the ordinary.

When you are asked why you picked up the HOPs ID, you are expected to give the admin a proper reasoning and explanation to why it was necessary, not try to brush it off as not being a big deal, e.g. “My friend is stuck in lavaland and I’ve been trying to get there to rescue him for the last 30 minutes” would be an explanation that could give you a lot of leeway.
(Just a made up example, you better not lie about having a friend in dire need in lavaland)

When asked why you have a flash you shouldn’t answer “because I might build a borg later” since that is not part of your job description, instead make sure someone responsible for building borgs has literally asked you for help with that so that you can reply to the admin explaining who told you it was ok.

Your failure in this incident isn’t doing something which is strictly forbidden to do, but you failed to give a proper in-character reasoning for it and instead started a baseless argument.

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alright noted man thanks

As a sidenote I don’t agree that your tone was negative, but I might be too used to talking to zoomers who often communicate with similar lazy sentence structures and grammar.

However the admins are correct in that the foundation for your arguments are completely baseless.

Then I guess that’s a no :man_shrugging: denied it is then