Title: [PowerfulBacon] Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: LemonLimon

Your Discord: my discord doesn't fucking matter

Offender’s CKEY: PowerfulBacon

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-24-2020

Round Number: 11816

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant):

Incident Description: I went into the AI chamber when there was no AI, I grabbed the AI planning on inserting it into something else instead, and was rolebanned because i "ruined the round" for the AI 

Additional Information: This same admin has allowed a nonantag mime to saw off all of my limbs for no reason and allowed a sec officer to assault and arrest me and hold me in jail for nearly an entire round just for being the RD in the Science department, and did not ban either of them. This is blatant discrimination.

Clearly this admin has something against me, and I have no idea what it might be, but considering he’s been a “trial admin” for several months i think his trial needs to end and he needs to be shunted out.

Unless you’re a chatterbox like Dimas or Grog, nobody has anything against you unless you actively act like a shit.

Stop victimizing yourself.

Iunno, I feel like if what this guy’s saying is true then it’s not unreasonable to think some bias may be going on.

The situation with mime and security wasn’t just outright them doing something major with nothing to warrant it. In this situation you went into their core, took the AI with a holocard, I bwoinked you, you didn’t put them back and proceded to argue with me. In the end, I had to put the AI back myself since you suicided as RD (something else that is bannable). Initially, you said you wanted the AI 'because ‘i wanted to keep him with me’. At the end of the ahelp said they wanted to put the AI in a mech or something, which I told you you can do with a Control Beacon or BORIS module (you should know that as RD). You then proceded to suicide infront of the AI core. The security situation was not completely out of the blue, since there was escalation in the form of you attacking them before being arrested (multiple times let go too). Not to mention the amount of times you told me to kill myself in ahelps, the 2day ban from RD seems insanely generous.
I did not even know you were the same person in this situation until you told me to kill myself, so there was no bias.
As for your accusations of me being friends with the Mime / sec / everyone on the server except you, this would be false and the only people I like more than average would be the other staff team as I can respect what they are doing, hence why I usually ask for other admins input when dealing with stuff like that.
And finally I have been a trialmin since the 4th or somethink of January.

Now look I ain’t saying you’re wrong but what warranted a non-antag mime to nugget a guy? You never went over that.

I cannot remember, but I remember this was specifically not out of the blue nuggeting. I will try and find the round ID and look over the decision I made

i suicided in front of the ai core because you’d already said you were going to ban me, after which point you increased the ban length. As I said before, the security situation WAS out of the blue, as they arrested me for being the head of a department in the department i was head of. I had done literally nothing wrong. I did not have to submit myself for questioning, nor did I have to answer unwarranted questions. After they arrested me and “let me go” as you put it, they did so without my ID and refused to give me my ID, which you told me was an IC problem. Tell me, how am I supposed to do my job as RD if you allow security to steal my ID and call it an IC problem?

And as Tergius said, you still never actually did anything about the mime. The mime took me into sec, cut my arms and legs off, healed me and dumped me off somewhere and you refused to do anything about it. You said it was valid because I “helped an antag chaplain” except, as I said to you then, all I did there was push the mime who, from my point of view, was a random mime assaulting a chaplain just because some moron said that his unholy blessing armblade was a changeling arm. You have a hilarious way of trying to pretend the important details never happened when they don’t favor your decisions.

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Oh yes I remember now
This started when you went to take the antag chaplain off the mime who was dragging him away. (fair enough I mean you might not have known he was a traitor)
Mime flashes you
Some time passes
You go and flash mime after
Mime punches you, you punch mime, fight breaks out between the both of you, you lose and the mime takes you to security. I said to the mime that I thought he overescalated it slightly, although from the moment you hunted the mime down with the flash I couldn’t outright ban him for it.

As for security, after I talked to both parties, you went back and attacked them, getting arrested again. Getting arrested for attacking security is an IC issue, even if they arrested you and let you out shortly.

While I was handling this situation yuou were constantly messaging me telling us how shit admins are and how we are not doing anything, while I was actively handling the situation and trying to get to the bottom of it.
In the ahelps the infomation you gave was alot less than the arguments sec had, especially since they were calmly stating what happened, while you were telling me to kill myself and all admins are shit and stupid.

“the mime cut off all your limbs but i didn’t ban him because you flashed him”

wow look at how fucking stupid you sound, this is why i said you were shit and needed to kill yourself


You attacked the Mime as well as just hunting him to flash him.
As for security, I talked to them they were calm and explained the situation, while you were threatening to bomb security with a BOH bomb them.

As I said, I did let them get off kind of easy, although I let you off very, very lightly too. If you think their bans should be harsher, file a player report against them. In both situations I think I probably should have been harsher and will try to be in the future, but since I handled you both equally lightly, I did not commit favouritism.

(also we should note I have banned Manu multiple times already, being admin for about <20 days)

lmao let me quote you real quick
“You go and flash mime after
Mime punches you, you punch mime”

so where in that does it say that i attacked the mime? looks to me like you’re literally making things up to look better. i flashed the mime who flashed me before, and he attacked me, so i defended myself. again, you said it was valid for him to cut off my arms and legs. you need to be removed from administration.

also, how is banning me and doing nothing to anyone else “equally lightly” handling? are you brain damaged? you can pretend all you want that sec throwing me out without an ID or PDA was somehow fine, but there is literally nothing you can say that makes what you allowed the mime to do okay. i’m not reporting the player who you let get away with it, i’m reporting the shit admin who is responsible for letting him get away but banning me for doing much, much less

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Ok so, you only shoved them and flashed them in this situation and they massively overescalated it, but at the time I couldn’t see that since when I asked what happened you told me alot less infomation than they did. When I questioned you about what they were saying and for your side of it you responded with something along the lines of ‘are you accusing me’ rather than telling me what happened.
I will admit you were right and didn’t outright harm intent against them, but they were giving decent reasons for attack, while you weren’t.
In all honesty, yes I think they would get a harsher response if you opened a player report and described the situation properly rather than telling the admins they are shit. All I had to interpret this situation was the barebone logs and what the other person was saying, so you can see why I chose to only warn them privately than server ban them.

As for the equally lightly thing, as I said I have banned Manu twice already and can assure you I am not metafriends with them.

oh wow i wonder why i didn’t give any decent reason for attacking them

maybe because i didn’t

and i told you i didn’t when you accused me of doing so, and told you i only pushed them

but you ignored that, and now you sit here trying to tell me that it’s somehow my fault that you didn’t do your job and ban the guy who i told you cut off all of my limbs without me having done anything to him?

how exactly is it my fault that you did not investigate? i fucking told you that i never attacked him, and i fucking didn’t. how much more must i justify myself to you? seriously, you need not only to be removed from admin but probably banned too for being so negligent

I did investigate, I was asking both parties for an account of what happened, hence why I decided not to outright ban him on the spot. If I didn’t ask them, then I probably would have banned based on the logs, although them telling me that you were trying to take the antag off of them and help them was what I had to go off of for context, since I joined late, logs showed you trying to take the traitor and they were saying you were trying to help them, when questioned about it you started saying that I was accusing you and didn’t give a proper response (something along the lines of ‘I didn’t know they were a traitor’ would have been fine, and probably would have lead to their ban).

holy shit you unbelievable fuckwad, i literally told you in the ahelps that i had no reason to believe the chaplain was antag. you are sitting here admitting that you paid no attention to what i said, and only paid attention to what the mime said. pull all the fucking ahelp logs and prove that i never told you that i had no fucking clue the goddamned chaplain was a traitor.

seriously holy shit what is wrong with you? every single time you reply you make it more and more clear that you just allowed that shit without doing ANY fucking investigating.

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I am asking for headmins to pull ahelp logs, I can post them here if you want when we get them

go for it, just make sure you don’t delete the parts that prove you’re lying

I will not delete any parts, as far as I know I cannot access ahelp logs so the other admins will need to send it anyway

yooooooooooo guys CHILL, let the logs speak

I’m very tempted to just post “Grog’s Mad”, but no, let’s be serious.

1: Let the logs speak for themselves, and stop going back and forth with conjecture.

2: @bannedforbeingantag Your behaviour in this thread is completely unacceptable. Cease, and try not being a massive asshole to anyone and everyone you come across for the slightest of reasons. How you think it’s reasonable to wish death to someone over spacemen is beyond me.