Title: nyanolina banned by marshmellow10

Title: nyanolina banned by marshmellow10

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Game Ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2023-10-13 18:54:44
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Naming guidelines / Ticket conduct. Named their character a variation of Mojo Jojo after being told to change it and read naming guidelines the round before. After correcting the name the second time, made an ahelp complaining before saying ‘fine whatever, doesnt make sense, but i guess the butthurting is real’ and promptly killing themselves and DCing mid ticket. Appeal on forums if you plan on following the rules in future. Auth by oo7craigmc.

Appeal Reason:
Complaint on “admin” behaviour, and appealing the ban, due to severity of it.

Additional Information:

  1. Reason / Name reference. (Mojo Jojo for Ether spiece)
    First ticket was sent with little to no understanding towards the player (myself). But ok, admin sends a message, i complied right away. Admin didnt even try to compensate, or get to an agreement, just set the name of the character to a Random name.
    Was given brazen comment to read up on the rules, which i did, which led me to the renaming of the character next round.

  2. Second ticket same story - ticket was closed upon opening, no message or conversation was started by the admin whatsever, again, brazenly just randomed the name, and threatened I will be banned if I do not comply. **Admin made no effort of resolving the issue, just threw the ticket in his “solved” queue. **
    Which led me to…

3.rd ticket, which I had to open myself. I clarified that i read the rules, and modified the name to Moyoo JO (since that is the ruleset for Ether names, something mythological or spectral and 2 capital letter as the end. Moyoo is a voodoo/hudoo name for a spirit bound/locked into a trinket.) I am 100% convinced if i didnt make the first mistake (which i accepted to rectify) NOONE would make the reference. Also, that round i had connection issues, so I was mainly reading the wiki, playing the piano, not doing any interaction with players (did one haircut with a bloke for 3 minutes, after that no interaction but a passing by other people). So I asked if someone complained? is it obstructing anyones roleplay? or the general situation on the station? (which i know it didnt cuz i was basically a piece of furniture that round.)
Admin stated that someone made a connection and thats why its going on. I was pissed due to my connection dropping all the time, that i just killed myself and logged off.

I would make better remarks or post copypastas, but due to the severe ban in consideration to the situation that occured, I cant even go to check the chat log.

I understand that rules are rules, and I am fine with renames, timeouts, deletion of characters, or even temp job/server ban. But a permenant ban, because, yes, pardon my french, a fucking butthurt admin?
I apologize for the statement, but its factual due to the absurdity of the situation…

p.s. I get the rule you have about leaving the ticket leading to permaban, but again, the second ticket was autoclosed, mod had no intention on resolving the situation, so the second ticket was (for me in that moment) irelevant. I understand the rule, but still not apologetic for the behaviour, cuz the mod was not even trying.

You suicided and disconnected mid-ticket, which always means a permanent ban till appealed


Nice speed reading man, you replied 10 seconds after I posted.

Thorough reading is a virtue, apparently


The actual ban reason:


It’s almost like admins know the events of tickets…


OK? What is the purpose of that comment? Do I need to update the first post body for the appeal to be even valid due to not copy pasting the whole thing?

The entire ban reason needs to be included / considered, especially since it was a permanent ban. The screenshot saves time since you didn’t do this.

Permanent bans come in two varieties - forcing someone to appeal on the forums and the kind that can’t be appealed for a year. It’s important to know which it is because that determines who gets assigned to the appeal, if anyone at all.

You’re really gonna have to stop being defensive to the extreme and acting like you were somehow majorly wronged here.

The permanent appeal is standard process, you were not singles out or given an especially harsh punishment. It’s only permanent for the sake of having a discussion to ensure you will follow the rules.

If your response to that is calling the rules dumb and lashing out the admins are probably gonna assume you won’t follow them and keep it permanent to save trouble later.


The first common sense response, thank you.

Im not calling the rules dumb, i’m pointing out the situation in the way it happened (and my knowledge or obliviousness to them). Got no reason to “embelish” my position.
Having the “RTFM” response as a default, makes the mod very unlikable.

Updated the appeal.


Soooo, is anything going to happen in this appeal or?
I’m glad everyone had their chance to gloat, but noone is even stating if this is going to be approved or denied, or anything going down the line of closing this situation out.

It hasn’t even been a full two days since this thread was opened.
And as Ruko has already stated, the way you’re conducting yourself here isn’t really helping your case; just relax a bit and we’ll get to it sometime soon.


Alright, I not a big fan of the attitude displayed in this appeal, but I gonna reduce this ban to time served.
Make sure to give the rules and naming guidelines a once-over, and try to be a bit less openly hostile to the staff who are volunteering their time to make this game playable for everyone.

Appeal accepted.