Tips for contracting

So, you wanna take up contracting? Wanna make BIG tele crystals?

1: I use the flash you know why?: Cause the flash is an insta hardstun enough for a headset removal, another flash, then a contract batong (Unless an ike decides to nerf it)

2: Keep your identity hidden, Use the agent id and chameleon kit, Use someone else’s name and blame them! If a shitsec is stunning you for no reason to tear of your clothes to see if they are chameleon, AHELP for some hard metagaming.

3: A way out: Make false walls into the location for easy break ins and outs

I will add more when i got more time

I won’t believe you until you show me your contractor greentexts.

I wish there were such thing as no telecrystal contractors

Here is my contractor greentext

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