Timtoom And Jellymuncher

(sorry i actually dont know what this means)
Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
I am not actually sure
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2019-11-30 18:13
Round ID:
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Appeal Reason:
Hello. My brother showed me this game recently and we’ve been playing together. I was banned for metagaming but me and my brother were literally together in game the whole time so its not like he couldve communicated anything to me. If i have meta-gamed im honestly sorry im very new to this game and your server is very popular and pretty fun, could my ban at least not be perma :frowning:
Additional Information:

We litterally injected you with morphine to test it, and your brother immidiately came to you. I’ll wait for other admins, but I’m probably going to deny it.

I didnt know i was even injected. Like i said im new. Also you are making this judgement based on pure assumption and administering a permanent ban? Because it must have been coincidence since i didnt know i was injected, maybe you could notice how i didnt react? Thats really not how you should be dealing with situations.

In relation to the meta gaming situation, Rule 6 specifically states that it’s against the rules to metagame.

Using outside sources of information/software on the round to gain an advantage over players is not tolerated.

There was a ticket created early on into the round specifically alerting you of this rule, if you and your brother were to play the game together you should of ignored he was in the round and carried on doing your own duties.

You were injected with Morphine as a test to see if your brother would come running to you, this had confirmed a breach of the metagaming rule after warning you not to do it.

I’d like other Admins to chime in on this thread as it is extremely unfair to people who play the game seriously as it is an unfair advantage.

He literally didnt come running to me i didnt know i was injected.

I wasn’t involved in this round but I personally believe that a permanent ban is unfair for a first-time meta-gaming offence like this. How many people actually had their round ruined as a result of this? Because from the sounds of it it didn’t affect anyone. People have been banned for less time for murdering multiple people (thereby ruining more people’s games). A temporary ban would be fairer and give the person time to reflect on their actions.

Metagaming is a pretty serious offense considering the nature of the game but I think we can give him a second chance after he understands where he went wrong.

I’d be up for a second chance but let it be the last time.

I really want to stress here, i honest to god did not call him because i didnt know i was injected. As im new its hard to pay attention to chat and these ‘tests’ you perform are biased and really dont work. However if you want to call it a second chance so be it, we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen.

It bothers me that you specifically watched his brother run to him, and yet there hasnt been an unban appeal nor has there been a speaking-up from his brother, nor has he acknowledged that another player helped him to recover from his morphine injection. Simply not knowing he was injected doesnt eliminate the possibility that he said “Hey bro I just passed out, help me up why am I asleep” and he seems to be avoiding that fact

Hi there, I’m him (Brother 2 - Jellymuncher);
I have barely any clue what’s going on with this ban - I don’t remember “running to help him”, because as far as I know, we were together the whole round and even left at the same time. I have no recollection of any kind of Meta on our part; Nor do I remember doing anything about a morphine injection (Which I would not know how to, even if I was aware).

Even if he did say something like “Hey bro I just passed out, help me up why am I asleep” - I think that hardly qualifies two players being permabanned after playing less than thirty minutes on the server.

If anything - Injecting a new player just learning the ropes with morphine to “test” for Metagamimg is an ideal way to cause metagaming to happen, as he would have no idea what was happening and would be confused and scared of dying/passing out, seemingly from absolutely nowhere.

Unban and put both on thin ice for meta comms.

I’d like to point out that if you were trying to teach him, or if you’re both trying to learn the game, read up on the guides first and make an ahelp telling us that you guys are trying to learn. I do think you should be unbanned, but thin ice is what you’re waling on.

I’m just here to clarify

He didn’t actually get injected with a syringe containing morphine at any point, but admins have a way of remotely putting chemicals inside someone.

Though a permaban is a bit too much.

And I agree with this, but it’s a tad difficult to ‘prove’ metacomms as an admin.

I’ma say unban you two, though you’ll be kept an eye out due to… well, metacomms.

Exactly; Putting chemicals into someone with admin powers would be even more likely to provoke a response like that.

I’ve talked to my brother and we’ve agreed we probably wont even play Beestation together due to these events, but it still is a cool server id like to play alone sometimes.

Other servers will immediately ban you for connecting on the same IP, and be far less forgiving than bee is. I suggest you tread with caution on any server my friend

Aight, I’ll unban you on thin ice. If I see something happening like that again, we will perma again.