Time to make an appeal I guess

Discord ID: Kayess#6610

Admin Discord ID: unknown

Ban Type: permanent

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 09/02/2020

Ban Reason: unironic anti-semite, the JIDF is paying me big bucks to do this

Appeal Reason: Aight, although my beliefs are still the same, I can just not express them and ignore all political talk if thats what you want. You can even deny me access to the politics channel if that helps. I barely talk in OOC on the game servers so banning me from the game was unnescessary, I have no reason to talk about the USS Liberty there.

Additional Information:

I do want to ask first and foremost: what is your relation to crimsonviper013?

I completely “rebranded” myself on the internet because I wanted to put my past misdeeds and toxicity behind me and be a better person, only to get riled up in politics chat and do the exact same shit I did back then… Its really hard to let go of old beliefs.

Alright, with that confirmed onto the second point:

Why should we accept this when you’re going to make a jab at the issue in the ban appeal itself. You’ve both confirmed it to be your genuine beliefs and also shown you couldn’t manage full restraint even for the ban appeal.

I’m against lifting this as I believe you’ll continue with subtle jabs here and there while thinking you’re not crossing any line. As always, I’ll leave it here for other opinions first.

That is what the admin said, not me. I would post a screenshot but its not allowing me.

That was a joke bloons put in his warning message.

I retract the statement then (its not in the current ban reason)

Okay, here’s a compromise. Leave me banned on the Discord but let me play the game, as I play on MRP where OOC is disabled anyway.

Eh, unban from game, allow to appeal discord ban in a month or two if he manages to remain unbanned.

Seems reasonable to me, especially considering I misunderstood that the original ban reason contained a bad joke. We’ve also done similar for another player appealing the same sort of ban.

Not at home right now, so someone else can resolve this if they see it before I do.

Unbanned from game. Marking this as accepted and closing.