Thoughts on Isaac Foster?

So I’ve been playing on bee, mostly on MRP, for almost a year now I think! I believe I’ve gotten almost 200hrs in, mostly as chemist and now starting as a paramedic/doctor. I’m shocked that I’ve been playing this much, and that I’ve become so obsessed with the game.

So yeah, thoughts on my character? any feedback? Bad shit I did that I shouldn’t do again?

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ilmeeni kun2

Can you atleast tell us something that sets you apart, any gimmicks or do you expect everyone to remember #GENERICPLAYER304950

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fair point. I guess I’m not particularly social or memorable character-wise when I’m playing, but that’s not my intention. I guess I wanted to see if anyone recognized my player name, but I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone doesn’t.

Ok but do you cook the methe

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Do you at least build public methe factories in medbay :flushed:

yes and then i take it all and medbay gets to patch me up <3

idk how to build a factory am noob

Had a nice interaction when you played as a medical doctor, and I vaguely recall seeing you around in other rounds as well. Didn’t inject me with cyanide and robust me in maint, so 10/10.