TheSkeleton MRP ban by Kerbin_Fiber


**Admin’s CKEY:**Kerbin_Fiber

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**I think it’s just MRP.

**Ban Type:**Tempban

**Ban Length:**1d

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**01/30/2020

**Round ID:**12032

**Ban Reason:**Opened a plasma canister, as a plasma man, in the vacant office to make a little space for him to be a plasmaman. while i appreciate the cool idea. you shouldn’t do this on station, even if “noone comes here”. Throwing a welder into the plasma to make sure there’s no oxygen doesn’t help either. Make a room offstation since this is MRP.

**Appeal Reason:**I got told to make an appeal to set a precedent, since i took several cautionary measures to prevent fires and leakage and was about to perform more before i was banned. This was a 100% safe tried-and-tested designated plasmaman smoking break room.

**Additional Information:**proof that it was 100% oxygen free (i didn’t react to the atmosphere and the welder didn’t start a horrible plasmafire.

I am against this ban. This is in no way non-mrp behaviour. I would be fine with such a ban were the fires released due to the usage of holofans instead of disposals, but this is not the case. I would in fact argue that this construction ENCOURAGES roleplay


I tend to agree with Zesk. I think this is totally fine. I might stipulate that the crew should be aware of its construction, to prevent accidental mishaps, but otherwise this is within reason.

I used to do similar stuff on FTL13 during low-pop to make cloning plasmamen easier and more comfortable for them.