There should be a section in spacelaw of things security should not be able to do (i.e. warcrimes)

this change wont mean anything on lrp but on mrp where space law is forced it should stop a lot of shitsec

this can include:

  • no arresting personnel because of hearsay alone ( as in a greyshit saying someones a ling with no proof)
  • prisoner torture is not allowed (this includes, removal of limbs and other organs, forced drugging, beatings etc.)
  • the uneccary extensions of jail time (aka making a small crime last 10 minutes because you add 4 other crimes to it)
  • arresting of bystanders
  • unnecessary force
  • jailing without permission (the warded and up should be the ones jailing, so if there is a warden officers must ask them for a time first) this can be ignored if there is no warden or hos
  • ignoring your higher ups ( remember its officer and detectives< warden < hos < captain)

in the case of breaking one of these laws one can be

  • demoted to assistant if officer or detective
    • the officer or detective can also be demoted to a role without any access
  • demoted to officer or detective if warden
  • demoted to warden if hos
  • demoted to assistant if captain (if the captain fucks up he’s going all the way down)
    • it is also possible to demote captain to hop
    • in case of captain ignoring space law it is recommended to capture the captain yourself but if one cannot capture the captain one can send in an emergency response team to dispatch the captain themselves

this list is not complete as one can add more to it and some stuff may be uneccassry but this is just a way to stop shitsec, on mrp atleast


Already not allowed

already not allowed afaik

not allowed

depends on how unnecssary it was

sec officers can jail people, it’s just better to give them to warden for processing so you can get back out there.

you can get demoted for this.

Does that mean you only have to listen to the warden and not HoS or captain? Or do you have to listen to all the higher ups? Usually it’s the first.

I don’t really understand what you typed there.

wait fuck i mean


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Always the higher ups

break geneva by brainwashing prisoners. allways fun.

this is already a crime

demoted to assistant if captain

Funny. Who’s gonna demote cap? Unless NT representative onboard, no one head can demote captain.

If the captain is a shitter, the heads will either perma (that is, if tiders wont eat him up) or admin will intervene.

i was thinking sec could arrest him or if all of em are shitters maybe an ert comes in?

Just don’t do anything in this list

Warden and officers still need to listen to captain, right? Or do we not have a seperation of ranks? Else officers could ignore HoS because they only answer to the warden.

ok, so lets say you caught a traitor

  1. warden says perma him

  2. hos says execute him

  3. cap says borg him

you borg him as cap Is highest authority

if theres no cap you execute him as hos is next highest authority

if there is neither cap nor hos you perma him as warden is next highest authority


  1. Captain

  2. Hos

  3. Warden

  4. the others

  5. Lawyer

  6. rest of crew

  7. borgs and ais

you get it wrong. the actual authority goes like this

  1. admemes
  2. you
  3. hos (he has guns that can shoot)
  4. ai (dont mess with it so it opens door)
  5. warden
  6. security officer
  7. captain (who listen to assistant with AA am I right)
  8. rest