TheMaggotGuy banned by St0rmC4st3r/ Stormcaster for killing someone who shot at me with something that looks and sounds exactly like a deadly tator item

CKEY: TheMaggotGuy

Admin’s CKEY: @St0rmC4st3r

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage. Even though I don’t play there I’m appealing on principle.

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage.

Ban Type: Server.

Ban Length: 10 days.

Ban Date: 8/8/2020 (Ban says 8/9/2020)

Round ID: 19626

Ban Reason: Toolboxed and scalpeled a doctor to death over firing a fingergun, after which assumed he was a mime ling with traitor items (he was a non-antag doctor). I don’t think you are here for roleplaying.

Appeal Reason: Even if the ban doesn’t get lifted, it’s inaccurate. Here’s what actually happened. So I join MRP as a meme (assistant) to try and start a revolution of the people or something, and as I make my way around the station, I find myself in the dorms, near the holodeck, where I grab a toolbox for self defense and the radio inside of it. It was the end of a 70 pop 1 hour round, half the station was unliveable, therefore reasonable expectation of a threat, and with no admins it’s not out of the question that someone was running around murderboning.

Anyway I see this guy at the holodeck and rant about how we’re being oppressed when he asks if I want a haircut. I say I want him to join me in overthrowing the oppressive heads, and he give me a cool afro. Neat.

So there’s a Mime Traitor Item that lets you fire real bullets out of your hands with air fingerguns. Unknown to me, there’s also a fingergun emote that looks exactly the same.

So when the guy starts making fingerguns at me, and firing, even to the point that invisible bullets were hitting the windows around me, I run, because I don’t want to die. (I don’t think he hit me, but the wording of some of the ahelps imply that he did, but I have no proof he actually hit me so I had no way of knowing they were fake. I just assumed he was a bad shot.)

Then it occurs to me. He’s a lousy shot. Since this is MRP, he’s probably bad at other combat too. I can probably kill the antag and save the station. I can take a few bullets, but he can’t take that many hits to the head (you only get 3 bullets with the item and he already fired one), and since I was gone a little bit I have the element of surprise. Besides, he shot first so it’s probably fine to attack him back.

So I go robust him with the toolbox, and kill him. Strip him of his stuff to see if he’s hiding and other tator gear, nothing. Stab his dead body with his own scalpel for good measure, in case he was ling or something so he can’t get up. I then climb into the escape pod at dorms and blast off to freedom, then close the game and go do other stuff, like check discord.

Additional Information: The ban reason isn’t even accurate. I didn’t think he was a ling, nor did I scalpel him to death. I stabbed him with his scalpel AFTER he died, yes, and to make sure he couldn’t rise on the offhand CHANCE he was a ling, but I didn’t actually think I was fighting a ling, because he had traitor items.

I end up getting pinged by @St0rmC4st3r in the mentor channel on discord, so I go ahead and rejoin, thinking he’s just asking for more info. Long story short the linchpin of his argument is that I was somehow using “metaknowledge” or “validhunting” when I killed the guy.

  1. You can know about antag items on MRP. It’s not HRP where you have to act like an ignoramus when you see someone using an emag or any other traitor item because you wouldn’t know what it is as a nanotrassen employee.

  2. Validhunting is seeking or baiting players into validity so you can kill them, or hunting out people who are valid already. Me getting shot at and then killing the guy who shot at me is not “validhunting”. You are totally allowed to attack confirmed antags you see, especially if you’re the only other person around.

@Ruko had a much clearer mind about it, being that she didn’t know the full story and it looked like I immediately jumped to killing someone over a very small provocation, aka “being trigger happy to the max” even though it wasn’t a mistake. But if I had been looking for reasons to kill someone, I wouldn’t have run at first, and instead killed them with my toolbox.


Thought somebody had the Mime Traitor fingerguns that shoot real bullets, ran away from them when they started to shoot at me, then came back and killed them when I realized they were bad at shooting and therefore probably all combat, and thus killed them to save the station, got a 10 day ban for an honest mistake.

Also the guy afterwards in the discord was totally fine with it when he realized I was sorry, and said he hoped I didn’t get a ban.

You killed a doctor because you thought he was a mime traitor ling… bruh


No, I killed him because I thought he shot at me with antag gear

Bro the mime book traitor item that let’s you shoot invis bullets is traitor only. The emote version still shoots the bullets but they dont do damage
The real ones do stam and some brute (i think). Also believe it or not on mrp you aren’t allowed to murder antags as assistant you can shove him and run away or just throw some shit and run. Please just read the mrp rules bro,.

Edit: you should have known he wasn’t an antag since he was able to shoot the invis bullets and wasn’t a mime.


I had a similar issue happen where I had detained someone for shooting finger guns only to later realise that finger guns is now an emote too. It even says “.357 bullet hits the window!” when it misses, which is a bit much for simple emote.

And I’m one of the people who add features to this game so you’d think I’d be more aware of these changes than the average player.

Anyways this is a simple mistake to make, it’s both a relatively new and obscure unique feature on Bee.


Thank you. In all my 600 some odd hours I’d never seen it before, and the guy I killed was fine with it afterwards. 10 days is way too much for something that reasonably could’ve been a warning, especially when this may get used against me in the future.

There’s no way to tell apart the fingergun emote from the fingergun its self unless you get killed, most you can say is “he valid hunted on mrp” but that’s something else.


Only mimes can use the traitor fingergun and im pretty sure that dude wasn’t a mime

Not to be nitpicky, but it could be a mime posing as somebody else, happens much more often than you think.


why did u check for traitor gear when u were going to kill him anyways


it gets better

This is exactly validhunting and also powergaming. “As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.”

The guy shot at you with what you assumed was a traitor item, so you circled back and murdered them.

They only damage the mime.

It’s a bit stupid to have them at all.

1: They have different sprites.
2: You need to be a mime to use the traitor item.
3: The traitor item mutes and stuns on impact.
4: The traitor item has 3 bullets vs 6.

these are all good points if you actually understand what the mime finger gun is and does

as it stands i have 1k hours and have never actually seen the mimes finger gun be used, if this happened to me id assume the same; that a traitor is attacking me and I need to defend myself.


i’m all for hunches that lead to unnecessary death (im a big fan of ss13 mob mentality ) but this was a clear lapse of judgement. like u went out of ur way to kill this guy even though u were aware that u didn’t know anything about mime traitor equipment

so while ur ignorance is justified, ur ignorance to your own ignorance isn’t D SEUSS

If the doctor was masked it could be the mime posing as the doctor. It was also very late into the shift so the guy was out of action for less than, like, 15 minutes i guess? The only bad thing i see is that

  • he had a chance to run away (but he is ASSistant with a toolbox, cmon)
  • he checked to see if he was a ling, which is arguably meta/powergaming.
    This is more of a 24 hour day to be honest, considering that he does play mrp normally, sometimes.

on mrp you aren’t allowed to murder antags as assistant

Nonsense bro; why else would they have helmet, armored vest and a spear…

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Ban is valid but 10 days is absurd.

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So I join MRP as a meme (assistant)

try and start a revolution of the people

I grab a toolbox for self defense

I can probably kill the antag and save the station

This alone shows you weren’t following the rules from the start. In my opinion there should very much at least be an MRP ban since you clearly outright state you don’t want to follow the rules here.

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maybe if you only read the surface level of the post, grabbing a toolbox because half the station is fucked/dead as an assistant and trying to imply taking a publicly avilable toolbox in the dorms is worthy of a MRP ban is a reach.

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