TheMaggotGuy banned by Bloons3 for constantly stunning people while shouting "PEW PEW PEW!" as borg despite the fact that Law 2 exists and they could've literally asked me to stop at any time

CKEY: TheMaggotGuy

Admin’s CKEY: Bloons3

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? LRP

Ban Type: Server (3 days), Job (AI, Cyborg, Pai) (3 weeks)

Ban Length: 3 days from the server and 3 weeks from all Silicon jobs

Ban Date: 09-02-2020

Round ID: 20716

Ban Reason: Severe self antag as a security borg. Spent the majority of a 2 and a half hour round shooting disablers at random people, keeping some of them in an almost permanent stunlock. Shot their disabler at least 1200 times

Appeal Reason: So I was a late join. 40 minutes in and half the station was destroyed, and presumably all the antags were killed because there was not much more chaos after that. Having not much to do, I decided to pull the prank of “Disabler people while shouting “PEW PEW PEW!!” until they tell me to stop.” Turns out practically nobody told me to stop, ever. I used that to practice taking down fleeing antags as borg, while also having a bit of fun. To make sure that people were in on the game, I shouted “PEW PEW!!” as much as I could and when they started shouting I was malf, or asked people for help, I reminded them of law 2 and asked them what they needed help with. In fact when somebody told me to chill I went to the coldroom behind the kitchen and “chilled” to under -175 degrees Celsius. I went back to disablering people and figured out how to stamcrit people’s legs and arms till they screamed and did so on many people. I realize now this is obviously not ok, because sec, or really anyone can’t just stamlock people for minutes on end. But at the time, I assumed that because people can literally just law 2 me to stop, or really even just ask, it was fine. It’s not like I hid that Law 2 exists either. I said it usually once per stamlock. Eventually @bloons3 came on and declared me valid from centcom, and I got blown up and put in a body. I assumed that was the end of it, then I thought my game crashed, in what turned out to be a ban/

Additional Information: I can see both sides of the coin as far as banning me for this goes. On the one hand, at any point they could have just asked me to stop, because of law 2. On the other hand, constantly stunlocking people is a shitty thing to do and not punishing it sets a pretty bad precedent. What got me to post this appeal though is that I, and the banning admin low-key kind of want to see what people’s reaction to this will be.


no one law two’d u to disable ppl tho?

u can make a case for urself sure but it just seemed like a waste of time to do that here

Bumping so it gets looked at before the ban ends

I mean, the ban was because it was just harassing and initiating random conflict.

If you were sec, it’d be a secban and server ban as well.

tough i feel like the server ban was a bit too much, the silicon ban is deserved because when a borg is attacking you (even non-harmfully) saying “law 2 stop” isnt the first thing people are going to think, also its kinda a fucking dick move to disabler someone into stamcrit, cus that is like, not fun at all and a major dick move, if all antags are down and your a bored sec borg just go ask a robo for a module change


I think both bans were deserved personally, but I was part of the original conversation involved in banning you for doing this in the first place, so that’s probably a given.

Do not excessively bully/harass other players in or out of game.

This doesn’t get invoked that often, but I’d say what you did is more than deserving of it, especially given a total lack of motivation for doing it.


2nd opinion?

just because you didnt directly harm anyone, it doesnt meant you didnt cause indirect harm.
At any point antagonist could drag the stamcritted people away and i dont know erp them or whatever.
huge self antag if u did this whole shift u fail at understanding basic ai laws

Does this not count as a second opinion?

For some reason I read that post as you wanting to recuse yourself since you were involved in the original judgement.


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