The Warcrime: Public menace, or Community ally?

have i been too much of a griefer? did you like a prank i did? did i accidently kill you trying to jump 50 assistant on my skateboard? maybe you’re salty you have to bring me to security every 5 seconds? leave your experiences in the comment section so i can gauge who hates me so i can base my pranks around them, and also so I can see what kind of activities people prefer


I don’t know who you are and I don’t hate you but judging from your description I would like to ask if you are actually having fun in this game?


Pretty sure it was you that kept slipping me as I sobbed in terror? My opinion hinges on this.

Watched you slip spam the brig phys and have seen you constantly harassing security.

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Alright, so this definitely was the clown. Top tier fellow that will make Cordswitch cry and have an entire brig full of Security hesitate to take you down.

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I’ve seen you a couple of times, but not enough to know: do you actually make other people laugh?
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: A clown that laughs alone is a bad clown imo.


Half the time i spend setting up elaborate pranks, the other half is spent in jail for setting up said elaborate pranks. its all worth it for the one good prank a year i pull off

i’ve entertained some people to the point of being orbitted even after being gulaged. I end up going around the wheel of clown to find what makes people laugh

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Hell yeah, any clown that doesn’t spend hours doing same same played out gimmick is :+1: from me.

I do sometimes slip into reusing a joke or prank sometimes, but I try as hard as possible to try and do new ideas on the fly


please dont delete opinions i need to know if i am a big grief man or not, to help become real clown


you can click the little pencil icon to see it

my brain itches

Don’t do it, what I said was very mean and may not even be true

good argument, however, grab > grab > airlock > R > click on space tile