The silver ID and SEC huds

So as the name of the Thread says, Silver Ids, the ones found in HoP’s office are kinda broken with regards to SEC huds in that they (Along side the acting captain trim) don’t seem to display any particular symbol for their job.

this is a minor issue but it rubs me the wrong way since silver IDs are cool, infact people who run the command staff should consider issuing them (and medals) more often.

what impedes this is the afformentioned lack of job symbol display, which is blank.

I have some ideas with regards to how this could be fixed but I’m not about to list them off yet as dinner is getting close and thats an involved task.

whats the forum community think about this?

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code says it has a hud icon and I can see it in my local. I don’t know how it is broken.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve properly messed with Silver IDs so bear with me here

what’s the icon? is it just a grey block? Because it shouldn’t just be a singular block of any kind/color with nothing in it I can tell you that much for certain.

there should be something IN that block, preferably something like a SEC icon or an Engi icon or something relating to the job of that person.

Blank symbol indicates they are assigned but have custom job that’s difficult to explain as any existing hud icon. Giving a silver card means that they are important, so that’s why their colour is blank command blue.
Maybe you’re annoyed by the fact blank blue is the same with acting captain’s one, but I am not good to make more sprites for theirs.
I can just remove silver card ones from hop and captain locker. These are a bit pointless because it has existed from the times when we had no custom job system.

I am rather annoyed by that, removal sounds solid if they don’t have a purpose, but I can sprite something if keeping them sounds like a good idea.

Up to you. I really don’t mind someone touching the code.
But these might need to be another silver ID card because CC jobs already use it.

Hyjacking the colorizer to slap a little nice Silver on strip at the end, like the color coding thing that denotes what department and sub-departments, along the golden command staff denotation on HoS, HoP, CE, RD and CMO.

that would work nicely me-thinks but I wouldn’t be able to say for certain.

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Eh I am not sure. I think it is fine as long as anyone just can’t use the colorizer as they just like.

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