The Secret Slav banned by Kerbin Fiber

CKEY: The Secret Slav

Admin’s CKEY: Kerbin_Fiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 2 weeks

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-11-24

Round ID: 9454

**Ban Reason:**Killed a man for putting a bunch of bananas in medbay. Yes, the man shouldn’t have done it on nukeops, but you also need to follow proper escalation. No reason to break the rules just because someone else is breaking them. Appeal on thhe forums.

**Appeal Reason:**one, boomer tells to appeal, second, it wasn’t a bunch of bananas and it was a shitton in medbay storage, where there was currently a lot of traffic cuz it was nukies and they needed da meds, he was also stunning random people who wouldn’t move because they didn’t want to be slipped with da stun baton, also heard dimas say he almost cucked him and made him die to a nukie but that wasn’t valid info cuz I didn’t hear any more, also tfw I only decapped him which made him die because I thought dimas and the clown already got the fucker and I wanted to show my dominance over him by decapping him.

**Additional Information:**I asked for several people’s opinion on dis on da discord and most say that it’s noteworthy, day ban worthy or not even worth of anything because cucking people on nukies makes you valid, also wasn’t stated as authed in ban reason luhmayo

As I am one of the people you’ve asked in discord: my opinion of the matter is that this is a valid ban, and you should either ride out the ban or take a harsh note for your activity.

The dude was a shitter yes, but you didnt ahelp nor did you ask them to stop. You also full killed AND beheaded them, going one step further past murder and making their revival less likely. I didnt know he wasnt dead is not an excuse to further mutilate a non antags body.

Your statement “I wanted to show up dominance” is also troubling, because it shows that you dont respect the game for what it is, and instead are imparting some kind of power fantasy. This is a game about people, with people, for people. Not your power play funhouse.

I didn’t ahelp because it’s IC griff which basically makes you valid you dumdum, it’s the same thing as opening a water vapour or n20 can as a nonantag, can you ignore it easily? Yes, can you clean it up easily? Not so, because it’s basically a waste of like 5 or less minutes, cleaning the bananas up is easy, but it takes time in which a nukie round it is crucial, plus he stunned random people for not walking into the bananas as I stated in the appeal reason.

I’d like to bring this back up to speed with this, which is in the ban reason.

No reason to break the rules just because someone else is breaking them.

The ban was two weeks because the, what, 4 pages of medium and major notes?

Bro, he basically valid’ed himself due to his actions which on normal ocasions would just get him beat then left to do his own shit, but he did it on nukies where you can’t really take the time to remove da bananas because you’ll get murderboned by the nukies
Tldr, I killed a person who did actions which made him valid

I still think that this falls under what I said before. I need some other admin’s opinions on what to do, but you should really ahelp first, instead of going right after “Mr. Valid-man” to quench your blood thirst

Slav was in the right, the player in question hindered the stations efforts to fight the nuclear operatives, and thus made himself valid. I belive that the ban should be lifted.

Also fun fact sec officer used combat banana shoes which I forgot to state in appeal because am indeed, dumb
Also moccha I literally messaged 20 people asking for opinions about a sec guy and you pull a botnis bro wtf

Small mistak botnis man, sec officer was also valid for his shenenigans

tim to unban since OTHER REAL ADMINS WONT GIVE OPINIONS, and now that botnis man gave me important details, this ban was in fact a mistake.

other real admins

mfw im no jannie

I mean like, fullmin, you’re a real admin, just not like, full perms

im too triggered rn literally shaking and sobing