The new, at least twice as fast gamespeed on MRP is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be reverted

Everyone is fucking running around like they’re on meth. I don’t think it helps promote an atmosphere of “RP things out” when you can get from one end of the primary hallway to the other in less than 5 seconds and the walk speed is as fast as the run speed. This is good for no one and bad for everyone now that you can fucking robust a sec as para (end round fightfest) with just your fists due to the new stupidly high speed. The fuck? Why is it all so fast?

I can probably bullshit an in-universe reason.

“In their efforts to increase productivity, Nanotrasen, in their usual amoral way, began to lace the food with speed-enhancing drugs. So far no other side effects have come to light but that may change.”

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I know you’re fat and can’t run IRL bro but no reason to post this here


Secret bluespace tiles

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I don’t think we changed speed

No side effects except brain damage and severe greytidis

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The drugs used on Golden station have been found to give the abilities to know all information regarding items in high-risk areas and possible threats to the station.