The great circuit questions thread

Ask all your burning circuit related questions here.

(Full disclosure, I am not a circuit grand-master, just making the thread so people can ask questions and have other people respond)


How to over come the circuit’s greatest weakness, being picked up?

100water/potassium grenade that activates when it sees someone on the same tile

On another note did the fuel cell get fixed?

First off, the very long Integrated Electronics Guide that I finished up a bit ago.
Second, thanks for pinning a questions thread - makes it easier for me to help out.

Mobile posting so, post formatting will be meh.

Regarding Circuits being picked up - not sure what you mean? You can wrench down assemblies, which prevent them from being picked up without wrenching again.
If you want to actively punish people for picking up the assembly - maybe a locator, combined with a reagent injector or a grenade manipulator?

Regarding the Fuel Cell component - no. Still broken. I’ve made several issues detailing problems with various components. The long and short of the matter is - the IE module is an intricate and complicated (at first glance) from a coding perspective. It’s been about 5 or 6 months since any significant changes or fixes. Here’s a link to the Fuel Cell issue.

EDIT: When I get back to my place, going to run through code and game tests for every component, make an issue on the github for each, and make a suggestion thread linking all of them. One of the main problems is that when other modules were updated, the coder didn’t bother to update IE. For example, the Material Manager component has no idea what Plastic is.
Probably going to make feature suggestions as well in a different thread.

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Giving this thread a little, one-time bump. I’m sure there’s people out there with questions. The last few times I’ve played in Science, I’ve seen as many as TWO other people working with Circuits! I’m really pleased that I might have had some impact in encouraging people to use this wonderful module (and further bring attention to the bug-fixing TLC it needs).
I’m frequently around to answer IE questions, do not hesitate to post up.
Even basic stuff, really, anything. I got a little snippy in my Mux thread when someone asked something, to my regret.

EDIT: Going to get cracking right now on nailing down bugs, and making issues.

Uploaded an archive of our old Discord channel here: About the Circuits category

Some people might find some of the information there useful.

I’ll go through that dump at some point in the future, and try to pull out any useful advice to supplement the guide, or useful circuit codes. It’s a lot to crunch through, though.

Is it possible to have a circuit recognize when an object is damaged? The closest I can get is the examiner, but it can’t detect the ‘It looks slightly damaged’ description tag.

Welcome to the forums!
If the examiner can’t pull out the damage text, as you describe, I don’t believe there is a way to grab damage values as input. You could monitor to see if it’s there, been destroyed, or been moved - but that’s about it.

EDIT: I’ll add a damage detector to the list of suggested circuit components that would be nice to add, or point out how the Examiner could be modified to accommodate this. Object damage is tied to just two values - integrity and max_integrity, so it wouldn’t be especially challenging.

Thanks for the welcome.
I’ve been trying to find new and unique uses for the circuits. The idea behind the damage detection being a device that could be set up in a given location that can send a message to engineering if an object becomes damaged (On a cooldown of course, as to not spam the comms.) I’m curious what other potential additions for circuits are in the works.

Mhm! That’s really the key to circuits - you’re on the right track. Finding a problem, or making something better, with automation. Unfortunately, what you’re trying to do is currently impossible. However, how’s this - a device that detects if a series of walls are present, or have been destroyed. Consider how this might be useful in, say, the armory? You’d have to test and see if the REF of a wall changes if it’s partially deconstructed.
There’s nothing “in the works” sadly - not even bug-fixes - as far as I can tell. That said, I am starting in on working through every inch of the IE code, and nailing down specific bugged components. Every day I’m increasingly tempted to hop back on my coding horse, but… Mmm. Soon, perhaps.

EDIT: For reference, the last thing that was done with the IE module was five months ago, when Mining components were added. There were a couple of small fixes - but they more focused on either patching an exploit, or were folded into a change regarding languages. No actual components that weren’t working properly were fixed.

Someone inquired regarding “ways to break the game” and “fuck people up”. Let me explain.
Given the number of server-side processing calls that a particularly complex, looping device has the potential to generate - there’s the possibility of crashing/lagging the server if one isn’t careful. Don’t be this person. Review your circuit layout before you stick in a power cell.
As for ways to specifically harm people, oh boy. There are many. Consider what components you have at your disposal, particularly those in Manipulation (Hint: Grenades/Guns), Reagents (Hint: Syringes/Smoke), and Atmospherics (Hint: Heaters/Coolers).
As always, IE focuses on automation. Consider how one could automate the process of harming people, with the available components. There are a very limited number of things that IE can do that can’t be more efficiently done on a case by case basis by other means. There are only a few components that allow for direct damage, though in a round-about way (Hint: I mentioned most of them above).

Anyone knows if the “weapon firing mechanism” works correctly?
I tried it out but the bullets seem to be frozen in space once fired.

I tried it too, my bullets were instead firing in one direction only.

ok so a year or so found a MADLAD make a remotely controled circuit bot observed remotely with a cammera computer and controlled with WASD and some other hotkeys. back then i was like oh cool. and now i hate myself for not asking. as far as i know you cant add hotkeys to mechanisms other than making a single button and pressing the default USE (Z) button while holding it.
crazy MADLAD man of sci breakroom. tell me your secrets.

So it is possible to do something like this. He controlled it with WASD? I will find this magic someday.

I know PAI and MMI/posibrains can use their respective circuits interface with a lot of leys a regular player uses, I don’t know about mobs with hands tough.

How do I read the circuit code from a circuit analyzer? I don’t understand the input part of each component, nor can I read the wiring section at the end.

it’s a bit confusing, but if you study it long enough it should start to make sense. you can see the components in there, the assembly they’re in, etc

however, it’s not supposed to be read by humans per se. yes, you can read it with some practice, but it’s mainly used as an export code so you can clone it in future rounds