The Definitive Guide to Security Second Part


Only part of the guide that matters. First off, the ways to deal with every antag, and then, misc situations that one may face.


Their greatest power comes from how stealthy they can be, though few use it to its fullest potential. Other than that, they are not a huge threat to an armed officer especially after armblade blocking got nerfed. Changelings are full of surprises depending on their kit. Give out ballistics when changelings are confirmed. EMPing and disabling most of an officer’s arsenal is one of their more effective strats. Ballistics prevent this. Lethals authed by default on confirmation.

  • Bola and lethal from range. If they have tentacles, carry a shield and a combat knife. Call for backup on contact.

  • Incendiary weapons are the best bet against changelings due to the husking and the fire preventing regeneration. A welder works as well.

  • Lings have a very varied roster of power, so their effectiveness depends upon what they choose. Do not rely on stuns, and do not risk melee. All good lings have adrenals.

Containing a ling is possible, but it’s very boring for the ling player. Locker them, and cremate. Butcher if they monkeyfied.

Lings almost never fight security if they are smart, instead choosing to evade and avoid.

A lone officer can easily subdue a ling. Don’t fear them.


Uh oh. Best bet is to call the Chaplain or find the moonlight greatsword (It makes you magic immune) . Let the Chaplain lead the charge, and follow up behind him with lethals. Not much to it, other than mobbing the wizard. Holy-melons are anti-magic and will help out. But most of the times, It’s just a gunfight which ends with the wizard dead. Lethals auth’d by default.

  • Mute toxin and syringe guns work especially well.

Only wizards that poses a threat are the conversion wizards (Necromantic and Soulstones). You’ll get overwhelmed if you don’t respond at the earliest.


Ascendent heretics can be killed too, do not be afraid of them. No particular strategy against non-ascendent heretics, other than siccing the Chaplain on them after deputising. All heretics have are stuns with varying effects, and a 30 brute weapon when they start, but they snowball hard, getting spells and powerful armour, resistances. Catch them as early as you can. Rely on forensics scanners, and scan everything near the runes you find. Do not chase after them alone and engage in melee, lest you get R’CH’TCH’ed. You’ll need to catch them in the act of prime murder or gather enough evidence to prove it. Lethals not auth’d by default, refer to lethality clause.

  • Ash path is hardest to catch due to the jaunt. Bola, and baton.
  • Rust is very durable especially at later stages. Set them on fire, and/or poison them. Rust recovers stamina damage too, stunning them’ll be hard.
  • Flesh is meh, unless they get cleave and rise a lot of minions.

Malf AI

Exceedingly dangerous. Malf AIs are very hard to detect as most of those play it very stealthy.
Terminate on detection, and keep the fact that you know off-comms. Surprise the AI. Detection is the hard part here.

  • If your entire camera network suddenly gains X-ray without you upgrading it. Bingo, Malf AI.

  • Lots of borgs, with the AI promoting borging exceedingly (Especially on Asimov or Crewsimov). Borgs acting strangely, being where they should not be, moving in gangs.

  • Blue APCs, usually just check AI sat Cams for it. Lavaland is a good spot for AIs to hack.
    Aspiring engi-borgs may even build a APC farm for the AI to mine.

  • Comms going down for long without explanation.

  • The Malf AI can shunt into mechs and APCs out of its core. In which case, find and destroy. Or don’t bother at all, cause it’s good as dead in that case and the Delta countdown’ll have stopped.

  • If you hear electrical buzzing from any electronic device, RUN. It’s GONNA blow!

  • If the station is at Delta, and the AI is not at its core and you can’t find it, Use a nuke pinpointer. It’ll always point towards the AI.

  • Hacked APCs trigger powernet alarms. CE and Engis can go there and find out.

  • Cut Cams, and blow borgs. That being said, secure the robotics console as soon as you can, but likely you’ll be too late.

  • Eyes on the distro, a heated CO2, or N2O Flood (Allowed before Delta) can be devastasting.

Ways to terminate a malf-AI.

  • X-Ray laserguns. Nuff said.
  • Thermite into the core. EMPs are always useful for the turrets and the AI itself, but not if you’re carrying E-guns. Ion rifle helps in directed EMP blasts, get it before the borgs get to it.
  • Blow your way into the core using gibtonite or TTVs or nades.
  • Don’t bother deconstructing, unless you have no other way. Takes too long.
  • A friendly borg or AI is the definitive AI killer. Just turn off the AI’s APC.
  • BS Launchpad and nades, or Xenobio can kill the AI with the click of a button.
  • Fugi-gland infused mobs can smash R-walls. Xenobio OP yet again.
  • The forbidden technique of a 900 u EMP Payload to EMP the entire station. Do it once or twice.Seriously, don’t do it. It’ll kill IPCs and muck up all the electronics. (SM Included). This was a joke. Unless, you’re a traitor?

A Malf AI is not a stationwide emergency unless it starts going Delta. No stationwide validhunt by regular crew unless it messes with atmos or goes Delta.

  • Can’t Deep-fry intellicards anymore, but the destructive analyzer still works.

Nuke Ops

SECURE THAT FUKKEN DISK. Ideally, the Captain shall be the disk holder. Tell the Captain to never fight, and to keep running using the hand tele. AI can help greatly by changing the active tele-beacon on the fly. Lethals–HAHAHAHAHA.

  • Disk-holder should never fight. There is glory in playing Tom and Jerry too.
  • All bets are off. Everything goes. Powergame, contraband usage and Nukiehunt supreme.
    Order gear and arm the crew to the teeth.
  • Flamethrowers and Explosives’ll likely hurt your fellow crew more than the nukies. Use sparingly.
  • Watch out for Syndie bombs. They’ll likely bomb medbay and cargo. Sacrifice yourself so that medbay may live.
  • Relaw the AI, so that it does not have to protect nukies. (Asimov moment)
  • Do not trust borgs, as nukies can easily subvert them.
  • Carry a screwdriver and firing pins to repurpose syndicate weaponry on the fly.
  • Use slips and laugh at the syndies without No-slips. Lube moment.
  • Cream-pies are surprisingly effective.
  • Barricading the hallways and making turrest is an effective strategy. Use reinforced plasma glass.
  • Bridge and Brig are the safest places after barricading, Blast doors’ll protect against most bombs.
  • Never leave the disk-holder alone. Stay near him and make the nukies come to you.
  • It’s alway worth trying to loot a dying syndie for the gear.
  • You can relaw Syndie-borgs to serve the crew.
  • They’ll likely split up and die to a mob of armed assistants.

Stealth nukies are a different ball-game, and depends on how vigilant the Captain and Security are.

It’s never worth trying to take over the Syndie-ship, but a borg can do it easily, if the turrets were not set to target cyborgs. Else, nearly impossible with those OP turrets.

BONUS POINTS IF YOU DETONATE THE NUKE AT THE SYNDIE BASE. Seen it done like six or eight times in twelve years (Before the OP turrets, and like once or twice after, done by a borg) . Massive brag, and dab on the nukies.


The success of the Command staff and security depends on the amount of money they have, and how fast they capture cargo. Lethals are auth’d if you are outnumbered and feel threatened.

  • Spam order mindshields and gear. Do not form a militia unless the Revs have a massive foothold.

  • You have no excuse to field-execute revs unless the station is already lost. Mindshield then, and turn them to your righteous cause. Hold your bloodthrist, for the blood cult.

  • Every officer ought to have a box of mindshields and go around mindshielding. Always start with Cargo.

  • Not much to defeating the greytide revolution, as long as you secure vital areas and act with speed and efficiency.

  • Expect to be bombed. So, secure chemistry, toxins and xenobiology.

  • Mindshield and arm all the heads. And have them stay safe in the Brig and accompany officers to mindshield their respective departments.

  • In the event the station is lost, There is no shame in retreating to Lavaland. Do this only if all other options have been defeated.

  • Move in groups. A LONE OFFICER IS A DEAD OFFICER. Literally just free sec-access and gear.

  • Riot gear is best, settle for non-lethals unless you are outnumbered. Tear gas really shines during revolution.

  • Brig is the best place to hole up if Revs gain the upper hand.


  • You can exile rev-heads instead of beating them to death in the halls, if you know, you feel like…RPing. Heh.

Literally just a mode of who can mindshield and convert faster. Not much to it. Grey-tide personified.


FIND THE CHAPLAIN. Without his endless supply of holy water, and magick. Security’ll find themselves hard-pressed to prevail. Just like revolution, it depends on how fast security can mindshield and arm the crew. Unlike revolution, Cult is not a joke and can snowball hard. With OP magic and gear, security’ll have a struggle against a good cult. Lethals are auth’d as per the lethality clause.

  • Secure cargo and usual areas ASAP. Cult is less likely to bomb and more likely to just use magic and spam constructs

  • Mere mindshielding won’t help. If the cult has a good presence, feed them holy water or holy melons before implanting. Wait for a bit.

  • Sadly, if there is no Chap and botany, field executions’ll have to happen. Use the dragnet to teleport captured cultists to Brig for deconversion. Cargo water orders are a waste of money.

  • Arm the crew. Unlike revolution, cult is usually too much for just security to handle. Every cultist’ll fight and so should every crew member.

  • Ensure the Chap does not die. Stick together in groups. All it takes for a lone officer to die is a Nar’sian Bola.

  • Same playstyle as revolution except bloodier. Blood cult, right?

  • You can purify soulstones and capture construct shells to make your own constructs. The first construct should always be an artificer, so you can make even more.

  • When the summoning starts, all bets are off. Do whatever you have to stop it. TTVs, Meth nades, anything.

  • Relawing the AI’ll help a ton. Megabyte and I once dual handedly purged an entire cult with welding tank bombs and a Durand.

  • Use ballistics over Energy guns, to not get mucked over by an EMP.

  • Mindshields’ll protect you from weaker cult magic. Holy melons do one better. DO NOT TOUCH CULT AIRLOCKS.

  • Ideally Chap ought to lead the charge, as is tradition. DEUS VULT. Botany ought to give out holy melons for the anti-magic protection

  • Adamantine and Silver Golems are magic-proof. Spam them to make the cult seethe, but the cult can also spam much better runed golems.

  • Build DURANDS and Odys. Durands are better for offensive operations than Gygaxes. Hook them with an yellow core and follow along with a welder.

  • Tell the crew to stick together and not to wander into maint. (Spolier: They won’t)

  • Always check lavaland and the space around the station for BS Pod Cult Bases.

  • Optical mesons will help you find hidden cultist rooms.

  • Chap’s null rod can reveal hidden runes, and delete them.

Clock Cult

Same as above. Just got to mindshield 'em all.

  • The AI is not malf, the eminence is able to mess with doors, fire alarms and more.
  • Borgs can be converted too. Do not trust them blindly.
  • Don’t forget to take along medical supplies and a defib when storming Reebe.
  • The one shot solution for Reebe are DURANDS yet again. Mech spam is one of the most effective strategies as long as foot soldiers go ahead and break the Interdiction lenses.
  • Watch out for traps on Reebe, break them before advancing.
  • You can use clockwork weapons without hurting yourselves, but the rifles you bought from the station are better.
  • Engineers ought to decog APCs with AI help.
  • Empty armory out as Clockies can teleport anywhere.
  • Never be alone, more so than Blood Cult. The Warp-stun combo can even get armed heads easily.


Xenomorphs are a station-wide threat if they snowball. You don’t need to arm the crew if there is just one or two xenos. But more than likely, the hive will grow.

  • Arm the crew. In this case, laser weapons are better than ballistics as xenos get double burn damage. Order riot gear.

  • Make all of the crew wear head protection like welding helmets (flipped down) , biohoods, riot helmets etc.

  • Riot shields help against hunter pounces and used to block neurotoxin too. The dual-wielding system makes using laser guns with a shield into pure pain. Welder and shield is a viable combo, as long as you don’t get tail whacked.

  • If the station gets FUBAR’d Flamers works wonders especially when deployed by the CE and Atmos techs, who can continue fighting in the fire.

  • WELD VENTS, simple as.

  • Xenos might try an N2O flood, so internals are always good to have on hand.

  • Space is the best direction to attack a hive from, as xenos cannot move in space easily. And they’ll slip off most of the times. SWAT armour helps here.

  • Blocking items are useful when fighting pouncing hunters.

  • Sweep maints, but not alone. That’s just asking to become Xeno-chow. Common hive locations include, Solars, Virology, Genetics, Xenobio.

  • It’s possible to contain and safely grow Xenomorphs, but not with the roundstart xenobio setup.

  • Arrest the Xenobiologist if they grow xenomorphs without explicit permission from both the RD, and the HoS/Captain.

  • X-ray guns and thermals work wonders here too.

S/laughter Demon

Uhh. Usually accompanied by a wizard, but can come alone rarely too. You get the bodies back if it’s a laughter demon, but they’re perma-dead if it’s a slaughter demon. NEVER LET BODIES GET DRAGGED AWAY.

  • Clean blood, simple as. Time for the janitor to shine.
  • Shoot 'em, shitsec style. Buckshot and slugs work best.
  • Demon heart that drops when the demon dies can be eaten to get blood-crawl, a very powerful ability. Usually given to the one that does the most damage to demon, a matter of honour.


A minor threat, as they do not kill or severely harm crew intentionally. But very annoying.

  • Stick together. Only thing you need to do.
  • Examine suspicious folk to see if they’re an abductor. Tossing anything at a disguise abductor’ll cause their disguise to drop.
  • Slips, flashes and pepperspray work wonders.

You cannot use their baton, unless your race is same as that of an abductor ( Pride’s mirror, Halloween)


Blob is a station-wide threat and not primarily only security’s affair. It’s Engineering’s time to shine. Method of fighting the blob depends on what its type is. Sometimes, you can end up helping the blob trying to harm it. Refer to wiki to see the type of blob.

  • Emitters set up by Engineering can help a ton.
  • Security ought to arm the crew, and set up rechargers near the blob spots.
  • Bombing a blob can be effective if the area is already spaced. Warn your fellow crew members before you do it.
  • Flamers and Plasma hurt the crew more than it hurts the blob. Never use it.
  • If the area is spaced, PKAs help out a ton.
  • Biosuits offer better protection than regular armour from the blob.
  • Blobbernauts cannot survive away from the blob for long, lure them into space or away from the blob.
  • Meme on the blob core by using a BS launchpad to teleport a TTV onto its core.
  • You can contain a blob using field generators (At least used to).

Space Dragon

A dragon comes, for the station’s wealth. Can end up being a significant threat.
There’s no reason to arm the crew if security fights smartly.

  • Use jetpacks to fight the dragon in space. Do not engage it in melee, that’s just asking for a stunning tail whip.
  • Always fight the dragon from range. Dodge its fire breathes, but carry a fire extinguisher and burn meds in case.
  • Xenobio can help with fireproofing.
  • Brute damage and rifles are preferred to fight the dragon.
  • Drag wounded comrades away before they die and get gibbed, healing the dragon.
  • Melee combatants are usually just feeding the dragon with free food. Fight from range.


The AI’ll usually pay them off, citing crew harm or sometimes prevent paying it citing expenses.
Regardless, pirates can do a lot of damage and security must be ready to fight. Always keep an eye on the labour shuttle console just to see the approaching. I advise against interdicting them unless they interdict the exploration or mining shuttle. With their turrets and innate skele-bonuses, pirates have a huge advantage to space combat. Your best bet is to wait till they dock near the station or interdict a shuttle. Then, load up all officers into the labour shuttle, fly up and dock right into the pirate shuttle airlocks. Board their ship, turn off turrets. Steal it. Rechristen it the NSV Shitcuritania or something.

  • Temp guns don’t work on skeletons. So don’t bother.
  • Jetpacks help out a ton. A single officer with a jetpack and a shotgun with slugs can solo the pirates.
  • They’ll likely go for the vault or the prolathes ( Usually Engi or Cargo).
  • Sometimes, pirates’ll kidnap crew and try to ransom them off (rarely). Play along with the RP as it happens once in a blue moon.
  • Bombing the pirate ship is legal, but why bomb your own soon-to-be ship?

Pirates work for the Syndicate and as such may cooperate with local agents.



Space Ninja

First off, clarify if the Ninja is NT-alligned or Syndie-alligned. NT Ninjas can end up as a huge asset to the station, and you should work together with them for the time being. Syndie ninjas are to be blasted and yeeted on sight, as they never mean well.

Ninjas are very formidable foes with their megaspeed, invisiblity, throwing stars, and lots of abilities.

  • Ninjas have limited ranged attacks. Engage from range after using Dragnet snares to bola them.
  • Catch their throwing stars and toss them back. Usually, this is enough to fuck them over.
  • Always keep moving during the fight.
  • Don’t hesitate to retreat if hurt, Ninjas can’t heal easily, but you can.
  • Don’t bother with heavy armour. Katana pierces everything, and regular sec-armour is enough to stop embeds.
  • Tossing a body at a ninja can prove to be an effective strategy.
  • Sic Beepsky on the Ninja. One hit KO. Our boy never fails.
  • Ninjas can emag borgs, but no ninja ever does it.


Nightmarish creatures. A nightmare fighting defensively can prove hard to kill. Nightmares fighting offensively usually end up lynch’d. The victor in a fight with a Nightmare is decided by lighting. If it’s dark, the nightmare wins and vice-versa.

  • First off, remove the sec-lite from your weapons, so your weapons don’t get dusted. ( The Multiphase is immune to this sort of dusting btw)
  • Botany is the counter to Nightmares with glowshrooms , wooden torches (Can’t be dusetd), and light emitting plants. Wooden torches do not get dusted.
  • Xenobio can spam light prisms.
  • Drag a flashlight behind you when fighting a nightmare.
  • Never fight a nightmare alone, unless you’re very robust.
  • Nightmares can dodge projectiles and melee attacks while they’re in the darkness. Fight them in the light.
  • Light stops their jaunt in its tracks. A borg with max lighting can be very helpful and can also kill the nightmare by kiting around it, letting its light do the work.
  • Bolas are worthless unless the area is lit, as they can just jaunt.
  • Stun batons work wonders, but remember that the Light-Eater can block.

I remember my DE sword getting eaten by a nightmare once. Painful.


Uh, Weld vents. Don’t touch suspicious items with bare hands, the ambush attack is very OP and a one hit kill due to the stun. Just whack them instead.

  • KILL, unless it’s a miner morph in which case they’re supposed to behave well.
  • Fight from range, no point getting hurt.


The ancient enemy of the mythical Good-Sec. Typically, just telling them off’ll work, but buckle-cuffing is the way to go if they don’t improve ( They’ll go SSD or Improve 50/50). Security is not above the Space Law.


Last but not the least, the antag with the most RP Potential and the ones that are the most fun to fight against. Traitors. They can be anyone from an gunman to a martial artist. This variety makes them the most unpredictable to fight. There is no set counter to a traitor other than basic robustness due to their varying gear-sets. Lethal force is not auth’d by default, the clause applies. Merely being a traitor does not auth them to be executed. Space law comes into play, trickiest hostile to deal with.

  • Watch what they’re using. Armour up for that.
  • Bola, Baton works for every flavour of traitor.
  • Do not rely on your disabler for ranged combat, just run away and come back with lethals.
  • You are allowed to lethal traitors with freedoms implants into Crit, so you can remove it and contain them safely.
  • As always, safety in numbers. Don’t assault them alone, you never know what you have up their sleeve.

Traitor Archetypes

The Martial Artist

Big guy with Carp or CQC. The high cost of martial arts means that they’re a one trick pony.
The trick to dealing with Carp is to have a shield. Bola them, and move in with the shield and baton. Shield (Any blocking item) prevents them from using martial arts on you. If the item has nasty blocking, it’ll hurt them when they try. Do not bother shooting Carp, unless you’re using the grenade launcher. No ranged attack works on them.

In case of CQC, Keep moving away from them and shoot till dead or critt’d.

Martial artists can be pacified for safe containment.

The Gun-man

Wear bulletproof armour, and lethal them. Melee and disablers poses a disproportionate risk, unless you manage to slip them or catch them reloading.

Foam-force pistols are a joke, and does not warrant a lethalling, as security jumpsuits and armour have stamina armour.

The Bomber

If it’s a TTV, Either run or get there and remove the detonating device ( Signaller, Timer). Devious bombers may use prox sensors, and it’s always better to just run and leave the hole for Engineering.

If a suspect has bombed once, assuming he has bombs (possibly on voice) is a reasonable assumption. You may lethal him into crit or field-execute depending on how much he did.

Bombing is boring.

The DE-Sworder

Poster child of the Syndicate. Bane of unprepared security officers. The DE sword is guaranteed to deflect all energy weaponry with a low chance to deflect ballistics.

Use Ballistics. Time for the Detective to shine here. You can always bola and go in and baton (Aim for the hand holding the sword).

  • Baton-fu: The art of the usage of the stun-baton, Harmbaton not included.
    If the suspect is wearing security armour and jumpsuit, it’ll take more hits to subdue him. It is far easier to use hotkeys to juggle between the legs and arms. A single baton hit to a limb’ll cripple it. Legs cause slowdown and arms cause item drop. If both legs are crippled, they’ll be knocked down, an easy target for a shove. Using hotkeys (Numpad) make this very easy. It does not cause stam-crit. To cause stam-crit, you’ll have to aim for the chest, groin or head . Shoutout to Sandal, for the best damn Baton-fu in security.

The Brainwasher

Typically tends to use hypnoflashes or brainwashing surgery to convert the unwashed masses.
Brainwashing is a severe crime. Only the brainwasher is to be charged, the rest are to be fixed and released. Other than higher number of people to subdue, not a huge threat.


Recommended to mindshielded them if brainwashing is occuring on the station.

The Agent

Lightly armed, but equipped with a lot of stealth gear. He won’t pose a huge threat, but he’ll be a pain to catch. ( Thank the Cham projector for the two pixel hitbox, and the flashbang nerf). The sec-hud’ll be very helpful along with the crew manifest to apprehend them. See weird job icon, interrogate. Simple as.

The Rogue Xenobiologist

Depending on the skill of the player, this could be anywhere from simple to APOCALYPTIC with the amount of broken shit Xeno has. I recommend using explosives or lethal on sight given everything they could do. Infinite explosives, super-speed, instant heals, teleportation even while stunned, critted and grabbed, infinite number of sentient mobs, golem army, infinite number of revivable bodies, uber secure comms (slimelink). I’d suggest just depowering Xenobio the moment such a tot is detected. Wizard-level broken shit. I’d rather fight war ops than a capable xenobiologist.


Any crime done by a sentient mob can be charged to its master after killing it. Doesn’t matter if the master says he did not command the mob to do it. Sadly, there is no concrete way to find the master, usually, it’s the guy powergaming Xenobio.


The Giga-Chad

Uses no gear, but tries to get his objectives done. Give him a second chance for being such a chad. Nuff said. Rarely seen. ( Almost never succeeds)

The Deal-maker

Some antagonists may come to security to broker a deal. Lings offering to hunt other lings, tots offfering to out other tots.

Security policy on the matter is same, regardless of Command ruling, Kill them on site for poor sportsmanship.

The Pilot

Buys a shuttle, LARPs as an ace pilot. He’ll probably get killed in space combat with a PKA, or the miners. An EVA space patrol’ll likely reveal the shuttle. Also shows up on radar (I think), as a moving unknown signal. Interdict with a jetpack and arrest for (Uh, greyzone)? Something? Keeping their transponder off? IDK.

The Spaceman

Never comes out of space into the station. Has a jetpack, and stays out in space afraid of scary security. Leave them be, and sweep the pods when the shuttle’s about to leave. Or hunt 'em with a jetpack, but speedcombat sucks.

The LARP’er

Pretends to be a nukie. Command panicks and calls the shuttle. Round ends, fake nukie dies.

The Geneticist

Loads himself up with mutations. Usually goes hulk + e-sword. Mutadone syringe gun him, and bola, batong. Or just lethal him to crit, depending on how you’re feeling. Hulks justify lethal force by mere existence.

The Spy

Inflitrates security or command. Queues up for transfer to security or acting head at roundstart, or tries to join as deputy. Precisely why head promotions are bad form. Especially when the acting prefix is not added. HoP moment

The Team

A team of traitors working together, very dangerous due to unexpected combos coming from the pooled together TC. Too unpredictable, especially with the abundunce of surplus and super-surplus. Expect the Unexpected

Can’t think of more archetypes of the top of my head, feel free to add to it.


  1. Tracking Implant: Shows up as red dot on your sec-hud. Also serves as an tele-beacon allowing security to teleport right on top of the implanted person. Used to implant suspected changelings, parolled hostile agents and heads of staff (For security).

  2. Chem-implant/ Lethal-implant: Can be filled with the poison (usually a lethal injection syringe is injected into the implant case) or sedative of your choice and implanted into criminals. Or can be filled with meds and implanted into officers. Can be triggered remotely from either a prisoner management console or the implant remote control. Shows up as a blue dot on the sec-hud

  3. Mindshield: Most expensive implant, cannot be printed from the lathe like the prior two and can only be ordered. Given to crew to prevent brainwashing, and to protect from cult magick. It deconverts revolutionaries but not cultists ( Use holy water). Do not waste mindshields on lings to track them, use trackers instead.


  • If you’re free with nothing to do. Upgrading cameras is always beneficial, especially for the Detective. A duffel bag of analysers, and the AI’ll be in security’s debt forever.

  • Gene-powers help out a ton, and it’s not powergaming when security gets it.
    The preferred kits for the Det are Mindreader (I think it’s gone), Olfaction (To find missing bodies and sniff baddies, just shower), Space Adaptation.
    Officers can never go wrong with, anything. Thermal, TK, Hulk, Shock Touch, Cryokinesis, everything’s helpful.

  • Don’t be afraid to accept bribes and give favours. Nobody’s perfect and incorruptible.

  • New Space Law has much more leaning towards gulag, with clearly definied point scales.
    Don’t be hesistant to gulag a person, or a shitter (50/50 SSD chance unless they reall wanna get out). All you need is HoS or Warden Auth to gulag. If you feel someone is getting off too light, Gulag is the way to go.

  • Keep medicines on you, you never know when you or someone else might need it.

  • Tools are also helpful to have, when breaching into rooms, cutting open a wall.

  • Nothing wrong with keeping some sharp cards on you (Syndie cards) . Crew can have them, and so can you.

  • Thermal + Night Vision Mesons = Ghetto X-ray

  • Implants can be very helpful for security. And vice-versa, Ion rifle or printable carbines are very useful against people with implants. I remember going full robo-cop once as HoS and getting owend by an EMP flashlight (same doc who convinced me to go robocop)

More soon-ish?

TLDR; Le Sec-man Good. Le Power-gaming guide.

Written by Ryan with help from Marius Fairweather.

Very good!

Some random tidbits I would add.
(Some of those refer to part one of your guide).

If you re after a ling, have internals on to avoid getting confused and/or stunned by their gas ability.
If you re dragging a ling to the crematorium or gibber, have a pal follow you a few Tiles back and be on harm intent for the moment the ling will headspider ( use harm intent to push it away from the vents/scrubbers and bash it to oblivion, your pal standing back should be unaffected by the stun).

About xenos, or blobs, i find that hos responsibilty is often to stay in cargo and distribute gear non stop if cap/warden doesnt. If shit fails and most of the crew is KIA/MIA, well…use your PINPOINTER and get the condom’s body.
You now must blow this station.

Autorifles while less quick to kill than shotties are much better for extended figths as you can take a LOT of ammo with you and reloading is a two click process.

Auto combat shotguns are the most powerfull ballistic around and can send to hell just about any antags, at the cost of your bag (just drag it behind you TBH).

Lawyers brig and radio access are a PRIVILEGE. If they re missusing it, you can take their access and key away, but NOT demote em as they answer to the HOP.

Jaws of life are awesome and can be very handy IF the situation calls for it (dead/unresponsive AI, no way to get more access…).

Most peoples use the secway as a même, but it isn’t!
It will make you immune to bolas of ANY kind and get rid of hardsuit slowdown! AND make your sprite harder to click.

Laser rifles hold more ammo than Eguns. If you will be shooting ONLY lethal, they re the one to pick.

Crewpinpointer can be printed in medbay and are a GODSEND, officer X or random mactidder yelling for help in maints? Lock on 'em and rush there…if their sensors are on.

Frag12 Shell best part is they can cut off limbs. Laugh as you cleanly cut the DE arm with one shot.

Saw off your shotgun.
Seriously, it fits in your bag, and people wont know you have one AND it doesnt show on your sprite.

Thats all I can think off rigth now.


I’m so glad I’ve made an impression.
Seriously though, I wrote an entire guide on this, and will be happy to drop some knowledge here.
Depowering xeno is a good idea, as are explosions, but better yet is breaking in and getting a syringe of mutation toxin.
Don’t use lasers, use ballistic, as slimepeople have 300% burn resistance.
Don’t try using the environment because they’ll be environment proof, but acid can clear this out.
If you can find where they hide their bodies, it gets a lot easier.
Apply nonlethals, since they can outheal you.
When they’re down you take their bag first, it’s where all their power is.


A tip for nukie’s, nest the nuke disc in a few different containers and booby trap them with mouse trap meth grenades. It hasn’t been done too often yet to cause nukies to always dump out the items on the ground so you could get away with just one grenade. Though I would suggest (as long as the disc holder remembers) trapping each layer of storage possible with grenades, maybe even toss in a grenade that’s connected via a remote trigger to a infrared emitter. I haven’t tested it, but if you’re lucky you can just put a shit ton of infrared emitters so if they’re dumped out the beams have a chance to hit the nukie and the grenade explodes anyway.

One also really important thing is if you have access to a lot of holy water, make holy water-potassium grenades. It has to be 100u of each to work, once it explodes it does extra damage to anything cult related and reveals runes. Pretty good for destroying space cult bases and even stop them from summoning if you’re fast enough

Borg tip: Science (Ask Robo first for RP) can make Borg consoles, which can be useful.

Question: Nanites. Would it be powergaming for Sci to come to Sec and setup Sec only nanites? This would make them harder to mess with and you could hand out weaker nanites to crew.

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No, only a dumbass would say yes to that though, you would be giving a possible antag free “non-murderbone” way to sabotage nanites and specifically kill the entire security.

No, dont. It doesnt help. They just headspider and get out.

missed the sub-traitor of the pilot, the pilot with a launchpad. Expect officers to vanish in front of you and never return or prisoners to vanish from perma or brig without a sign of forced escape. If it becomes a consistent issue, put on some diagnostic huds to see the teleport aim symbol thing and move out the way. If you want to try and time it right, you could probably trick them into picking up an EMP bomb that shuts down their operation.

how about traitor Chemists and botanists?