The darkassasin's Ban appeal banned by Aeder1


**Admin’s CKEY:Aeder1

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both

**Ban Type: game server ban

**Ban Length:permanent

**Ban Date :2-6-2020

**Round ID:12262

**Ban Reason:stole guys ID as CE left midbowoink

**Appeal Reason:well for starters the RD was at the front of the shuttle same with me in the command section the RD was SSD so I used his card to jumpstart the shuttle and that was that I would like the admin’s to note that this was the END of the round and as soon as I died during the massive fight I left i didn’t receive any admin PMS and if i did my monitor was beginning to power down. (This is my first ban appeal and I hope you take this into consideration)

**Additional Information: after round ended left following brawl end of the round took RD I’d to authorize emergency start did not leave mid bwoink because I did not receive a notice that I was getting bwoinkd monitor at the moment was powering down during those mid seconds possibly my account was not disconnected. I’m sorry for anything misspelled or done incorrectly

[2020-02-07 02:43:58.980] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Aeder1/(Regen Coma (Sentient Disease))->The dark crusader/(Chara Osuma): Why'd ya jack that SSD guys ID?
[2020-02-07 02:44:28.462] ACCESS: Logout: The dark crusader/(Chara Osuma)

You left 30 seconds after it was sent to you. Disconnecting after you’ve gotten bwoinked is standard permaban to explain why.