TeomanTheGreat / Phil Smith's Mentor Application

Your CKEY: TeomanTheGreat

Your Discord: TeomanTheGreat / Phil Smith#1213

How long have you been playing ss13?: Im not really sure but I made my byond account to play ss 13 on Dec 1, 2018

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I’m not sure if anyone does vouch for me.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I can set up the sm just fine. I’m not too good with atmos (can’t do fusion). I know robotics (pretty easy anyways). I think im meh at xenobio. I know some good chems but I havent memorized how to make them. I know how to explore spess (duh). I used to play on TG before it was trashy ( when sleepers were still a thing ) and i used to play medical doctor. I would also call myself a pretty good ai aswell if that helps.

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I haven’t seen him that much in game, but he is pretty robust from what i saw. Is kinda experienced
Here is my +1

good player, good hours, just perfect

Fellow Smith poggers

+1 for he is based and because I cant remember his ic name so honk


+1, man has been in this game ever since I triggered a race war in Bee back in April/may 2019. He knows his stuff.

+1, this guy is a good boi.

Have seen player on frequently, don’t think I’ve ever seen them causing issues. Checking notes backs this up - the only notes since September are +/- Tokens and one very minor note about an accident.

Would give more than +2 if I could because of these combined together.

T: +7

Accepting at a +7 after some time.