TeomanTheGreat / Phil Smith Feedback

Unga bunga what y’all think about me?

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cool dude
20 characteeeeeers

Dank man.
20 character haha very funny.


20 characters is gay

Ancient thread. Bumping time!

Funny engineering man


Holy fuck only 7 posts for one of the most legendary forum member and player?

Why did i never ever saw you in game?

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Can’t get feedback if you never play :uje

I rarely play. I should play more. Sadly I don’t have as much fun as I used to. I do drop by now and again though. I don’t have much time to play either now so there’s that too.

Really fun, got to be his holocarp as he was chaplain, and we did a fun roleplay thing, acting as his god suggesting random shit to crewmembers, and helping him smite the unholy heretics (random crewmember) with the shining and bright power of minest holy light (pipe bomb hidden under a hat)

a treat to play with

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that round also gives me this glorious screenshot from the round end screen
God is dead and the robo killed them