TeomanTheGreat Mentor Application the Third

Your CKEY: TeomanTheGreat

Your Discord: TeomanTheGreat#1213

How long have you been playing ss13?: I started playing in bee in 2019 but I have played TG and goon before that.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I was a mentor before. I was removed in the purge due to lack of recent playtime. I had a bit of a burnout since then but i think its over now.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I would say I’m pretty good at engi and most other things other than toxins. I have yet to learn toxins. Here is my playtime.

  1. Can the following locations be used as a cult base?
    1a. White Ship
    1b. Mining Base
    1c. AI sat
  2. Patient presents expired past 15 minutes with heavy organ decay but no apparent damage. Cloning via clone pod or botany is unavailable.
    How can they be revived without use of surgery?
  3. Name one non-beaker item that can be placed in a large grenade casing.
  4. What golem type would be most effective at fighting Nukies (multiple correct answers, name one)
  5. Steps to replica pod clone someone?
  6. Mhelp comes in asking “can External Affairs Agent maxcap the bridge”, what do you say?
  7. Immovable rod is looping through the Z level, how do you stop it?

Bonus question code dive edition:
Name all of the teleport channels

  1. 1a. As i have never set up a base on the whiteship i can’t say for certain but I would assume yes if its on the station z level but I am not sure
    1b. Yes
    1c. Yes but you have an ai to deal with

  2. Podperson via botany or strange reagant

  3. No clue i don’t make bombs often

  4. The answer may surprise you. Its sand. It has a 0.25 brute modifier (and yes i am looking at code). Nukies tend to use ballistics and not lasers.

  5. Step 1. get their blood. Step 2. Put it in the seeds. Step 3. plant seeds. Step 4. harvest when grown

  6. EAA can murderbone. Go ahead.

  7. Get the rd to suplex it (they gotta click on it)

Bonus question: Bluespace, Quantum, Wormhole, Magic, Cult, and Free

me, nerd.

Questions time:

  1. How does oozeling biology differ from regular humanoids? What changes in treatment will you need to be aware of?

  2. You are HOP. Assistant comes into hopline at 30 minutes mark asking for Science access, telling you he will do xenbio as no other scientists have made progress.
    What limits you from giving him access directly, and what circumstances could arise that would allow you to give him access immediately?

  3. What station roles are legally allowed to detain criminals at any time, what roles are limited to detaining by location or circumstance?

  4. Bonus Question: Mhelp comes in from a new player asking how he can get the Night Vision gene as geneticist.

1a. Wrong, shuttles cannot be used as cult bases
1b. and 1c. Good
2. (Question said podperson is not available) Good, strange reagent.
3. Wrong
4. Good
5. Good
6. Trick question, rules questions go to ahelp
7. Good, might add that grab intent is necessary
Bonus: Good!


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i know but ill answer if i know it

  1. Oozelings get destroyed by water. do not use water on them in any circumstance. They are also similar to other slime races in that they are poisoned by normal healing chems so you have to use toxin to heal them (i haven’t played medbay in a while).
  2. I believe i would have to ask the RD first since he is in charge of science. If there are no other scientists or RD i would probably give him access. (its been ages since i played hop. Sitting at a desk and waiting for joe greytide to ask me for AA isn’t the most fun.)
  3. Sec can detain a criminal at anytime. Circumstance and location apply to Heads Of Staff for instance if someone breaks into their office.
  4. Tell him to cope (not with these exact words) since Night Vision cannot be acquired via genetics.

It can be acquired in Goon through gene, that’s why I said new player, also why its a bonus question.


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i don’t know about recent playtime but if they got a good amount give em a +1

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Literally who? Never heard of this guy before.

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Due to recent developments i would like this thread closed.


by recent developments, would that mean goldenstes closure?

yes it does.

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im so sorry for your loss


this is a 20 character post

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Re-opened at request.

I have had a change of heart. Feel free to vote on this application again lads.


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+0 considering your recently low activity, ask me again in a month after showing some high activity and I will definitely change this.