TB_Gem_1922 banned by Acronad

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
1 day
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
As a cargo tech, assaulted the captain and repeatedly talked about wanting to kill them. Did not seem to understand the problem and continued to do so after bwoinked. Also spent a good amount of time acting insane IC.
Appeal Reason:
I have now read the rules thoroughly and realised the error in my actions. I apologise for my rash behaviour :slightly_smiling_face:
Additional Information:

Will this just be ignored? I can understand due to the short length but I want to play

Not ignored, ive only just woke up, admins are all over on timezones and actove hours, give me some time to wake up and look over this

Alright I have two questions I’d like to see you answer before I end this early. It is also only one day so it’s not terribly long.
First: do you understand exactly what you were doing in the round that wasn’t okay?

Second: What kind of character do you want to play going forward?

Sorry, I thought you were the person that assigned it to you

Yes. I understand that RPing as a crazy person is verboten and I won’t do it again. I’m not sure but I suppose I’ll have to keep unstable because I like having drunken resilience and self-aware

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I believe Acronad is not refering to the character quirks you select on the customization options he means that, since we’re on a roleplay server, your character is expected to behave based on what you make them be like with their own personality, traits and what makes them unique and different from the rest

You can visit the Roleplay Guides on the forum or ask around on the discord if you are not sure how to do that, obviously a re-read of the rules always comes in handy and is good to do after a sanction made by an admin.

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As Fronsis said I intended the question as more of what type of character do you want to be? Who do you want your character to be, you can’t just be someone who breaks into departments and does everyone’s job.

I’m not sure I have to develop it more

That’s ok! A lot of my character I developed as I play a lot of rounds in game and refined it over time. However, I think starting broad with a general kind of alignment of personality traits is a good start and you can fill the rest in later.

For example:
Is your character introverted or outgoing?
Is your character detail-orientated or big-picture?
Is your character highly specialized and good at a few things or a jack of all trades?
Is your character brave or cowardly?
Is your character goofy or no nonsense?
Is your character very material and hold technology and progress to the highest standard or more spirtual, mystical, and superstitious?

Don’t try to “powergame” your character’s personality either by for example, making them a jack of all trades that can do everything from brain surgery to setting up an SM to killing an entire xeno nest with a pen and also having zero fear towards everything (that’s Mary Sue-like). You should be making a believable character that would get hired on a professional space station and people could enjoy being around or working with, not Space Rambo.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t always have to be either/or, you may be cowardly but whenever your friend is under attack, you spring into action to save them. Nothing is set in stone so you can tweak your character on the spot to suit the round better if need be.

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Oh yeah, I was the one who repeatedly arrested you. lol

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Was that the round where two techies kept stealing the captain’s wheelchair and then AI went delta? I was HOS that round.

Please don’t peanut post ban appeals

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Sorry for being a dick. I hadn’t read the law code and thought you were giving me an overlong sentence

Well it sounds like you’ve read over the rules for sure and now understand what you did that was wrong, normally this would be where i accept or deny the appeal but i think the times already up on it so ill mark it accepted as i would have. Enjoy the server and if you are ever unsure about something at all, ahelp it in game