Taylor Gets Ahead of the Staff Tide (I'm applying for Mentor again, please vouch for me)

Your CKEY: tayloriguess

Your Discord: potentiallytaylor

How long have you been playing ss13?: A little while (since early 2020ish, I think)

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I call forth the metagang I haven’t asked anyone but I’d appreciate it if people would vouch for me, I can bribe you in beecoins.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I’ve got most my hours between Cargo, Security and Assistant-ing which isn’t incredibly impressive but I tend to play QM and assistant as a ghetto jack-of-all trades role when I have to so I’ve picked up some game knowledge from other jobs I have less playtime in as well. Most my major blindspots come from the SM, Atmos and advanced botany/virology bullshit, but there’s always desperate codediving and repeating the totally infallible wiki if needs be.

I was a mentor before but I got demoted for being a silly billy on the discord. I had it coming but my records cleaner now.



while you are the quarterlord do you know how to:

  • make stabilized dark matter as a reagent, not a reaction
  • make the viro disease that sucks up blood from the floor
  • cquire a lasso
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I can vouch for Taylor’s knowledge (I am waiting my bee coins). Therefore, i will give my point directly.

T: +1

  1. Carbon, Stable Plasma and Radium with Stabilizing Liquid. Unless there’s an actual Reagent called Stabilized Dark Matter which I’m half convinced there is but I can’t find anything about.
  2. The disease needs the Hemetophagy symptom
  3. You need to get leather from botany’s Biogenerator and use it make a lasso. Alternatively you can spend TC on a mindslave lasso or craft one using lavaland monster parts in the tribal crafting menu (I think. I may have made that one up)

i will vouch too +1 :moth:

Very knowledgeable player in my experience, questions asked by other mentors seem sufficient for me to give a +1

T: +3

Not a mentor, but there is a lack of questions so here:

  1. hi i spawned in on this ship on lavaland, how do i fly it?
  2. how do I get liquid Nitryl?
  3. i have an objective to kill the head of security, but im just a cargo tech. I’m not sure what to do, could you help me?
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har-har! hes becoming staff again! laugh at this user!

  1. How do I forensic scan a backpack??? it keeps going inside???
  2. Can I keep this gun I found as an explorer?
  3. I got a new ID but it wont get paid, am I unemployed?
  4. What are your credit card details?
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  1. Stand slightly back, you can scan at range.
  2. Admin question, ahelp it I dont get paid enough
  3. Check your notes in the top right for your credit number and alt click your ID to type it in/link it
  4. Squint Squinting GIF - Squint Squinting Suspicious - Discover & Share GIFs
  1. Are you a golem or a plant man? If you’re a plant man you’re shit out of luck. If you’re a golem you can use blueprints in the top left of your ship to redefine the area your ships on so that it’s able to take off. Then you have to rig it up for flight like any of custom shuttle (once you’ve found the appropriate research). You might have to lose a wing or two of the shuttle for it to become space worthy, there’s a size limit iirc
  2. your honor i forgor
  3. If you want to be lame about it, you can order yourself a shotgun from the cargo shuttle, smash it open with a spear and run at the man guns blazing. But because we’re smart men who like to make being murdered interesting for everyone we can stretch our creative muscles a little. How about an incredibly shitty rube goldberg machine made of disposals outlets and conveyorbelts that end with the HoS being pelted into space. Cargo is a beautiful little role where you can get most items used for murder once you learn to smash open crates so try and be interesting in how you brutalise the hos. Good luck
  1. How can you tell what structures you can climb by dragging your sprite on top of it?

  2. How do I fix an emagged door?

  3. How do you lock your panel as a cyborg?

Good enough for me, take my +1

T: +4

Great answers, if I could +1 I would but you can have this gold star instead :star:

As for 2) the only way I know of is strange seed luck.

T: +4 + :star:

  1. If you examine it and the text “If you wanted to, you could climb X by dragging yourself onto it” appears, you can climb it by dragging yourself onto it (If you wanted to)
  2. You have to fully deconstruct and reconstruct the door to repair it as far as i can remember, unless that’s been changed of late
  3. Ask a roboticist nicely to use their ID on it


Ruko changed it. Reread it.

Im reusing a question from Geatish’s application, it wasnt answered there correctly either.



Huh. Hadnt noticed. Good to know

bro forgot to put the total in smh

T: +5 + :star:


good answers!+1

Total is now +6 + :star:, my turn.
The theme is Lavaland, good luck.

  1. What are those random earthquakes on Lavaland? What do they do?

  2. What are those blue crystals with red cores inside? What do they do, and what are the consequences for not paying attention to what your mining?

  3. What is wrong with The Legion? Why does every miner refuse to fight it no matter what?

  4. (This one is a bonus.) There used to be a Ash-drake next to my location, then his signal went 100 meters north, why?

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Have some niche Science questions.

  1. “How does Quantum Pad linking work?”
  2. “Integrity keep going down on my mech but I don’t know why! Help quickly!!”
  3. “How do I set up the aux base?”
  4. “Can I take things from the tech storage?”