Suggestion/Reminder for Crossed about #General

This is a serious suggestion so please no peanuts:

Crossed, i believe you forgot to pin or pin and edit this The end of an era thread on General which leaves very clear what’s allowed and what’s not, a lot of people are probably not even aware of this since it got buried on other posts.

I mean, i’m all down for some funny thread shenanigans from time to time but there’s some that are a little eh and i think this is a good time to set it on stone because Qwerty Pinned thread falls short, as someone who’ve experienced a lot of their years browsing forums it’s only natural that, as i’ve discussed before, having a shitposting/bait-posting channel is benefitial since it doesn’t clog General

Figured it was a good time to bring this up again.

Unless that thread was also a bait thread and i’ve been ultimately baited by Crossed