Story time!

One time i was playing as sec and i started permabrigging people for being ugly, i just said “ur under arrest for being ugly” and i permabrigged FOUR people. i went to visit and they blew up permabrig captured me then killed me anyways can i get unbanned please thank you

ADD-ON: this was during sseth overflow (when i started playing) and i ended up facing no consequences prolly cause there weren’t admins online i guess

If this is a legitimate ban appeal, wrong channel, and wrong format.

There, follow this format and post in the ban appeals channel.

Very cringe sole, 0/10
Don’t even play gaysec

They got what was coming to them

Outstanding service. Thank you for making hallways a better place

i remember puting welding fuel inside cigarettes, i killed like maybe 6 people total over 2 games, i wasnt antag, never got banned for it, it happend long long time ago on beestation

funny fact you have enough stuff in perma to make 2spears and sex

i am Sorry what’s sex?