Stop being so stingy with antag tokens

Come on. Just give them out for server crashes and stuff.

Them being rare is kind of the point though.

Just because you have no antag tokens doesn’t mean they should be common

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My IAA round was ruined cuz of crash, its not like I would be able to kill the AI cuz I suck but hey uhh muh antag token plz

I want a harm baton Michiru token but life isn’t fair


No :slight_smile:


Even putting aside that antag tokens are supposed to be rare

Imagine how much of a pain in the ass that would actually be to do fairly.

You’d have to either code an entire system to do it, which would be hard because not all people flagged as antags would deserve a token, and people who lost it legitimately wouldn’t deserve it either (e.g. cremated ling.) Something I doubt any coder would be interested in and something that would likely be insta-rejected due to the risky nature of it.
Or you’d have to have people apply them by hand after the fact by going through logs, which is ew.

The whole point of antag tokens is to be a cool thing to be like “hey, look what I scored”

Miri these threads depreciate in value like the money of the Weimar Republic in 1923


this implies the majority of miri threads ever had any value.


Lmao who plays antag in 2020
Antag disable gang antag disable gang


Disabling antag is stupid. How else will you plasmaflood the station as a steal objective iaa

They used to be given out if someone else griefed your antag round, not sure why that was cancelled tbh.


IMO antag tokens are for two things:

Someone ruined your round in a way that got them noted or banned when you were playing antag

Admemery fucked you over and you didn’t have valid reason to be fucked with

Yeah that is a thing I miss. I see someone dying from „el durand has gun so durand must kill” as traitor, only to go apeshit because no antag token for the nonantag roboticist rampage.

Antag mains :face_vomiting:

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i collect tokens, but i dont use them as the only antag worthy of such rare things is a wiz one and well we cant have wiz with token so ill wait untill they add some new antag i wish to try.

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Antag mains the kinda people that lose their gamer gear to clown because “pda op”… :pensive:

And they love to self-antag when they don’t roll it.

True antag mains dont self-antag, they cryo

You all talking like an antag main wouldnt just close the game the moment hes nonantag

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Antagonist Ghost Roles should probably affect rep, cause I see people who just observe.