Speed boost? hello?

so recently i saw post about damage increase in meelee or wahtever, i didnt read it actually,
so what abvout speed? yall too slow, how bout 50 % increase in speed, cause ya know, high morale gives you like 10% witch is nothing, and ya know, damn eva suit and bla bla bla slowes you down, im tired of being slow in my speis suit, like hello"???!?!?!?

Just ask chemists for stuff like meth and crap. Morphine will work for being a full speed run boost, nullifying anything that will slow you down. (hardsuits and the likes) Do note that morphine will knock you out after a few cycles in your body, so only use it as a “oh shit im gon die” pill so you can run into the hallways so you’re dragged into medbay.

Meth (and it’s lesser version, ephedrine) and other things like pump-up, crank, and things like that will reduce stuns while also speeding you up. Good if you’re a greytider who decided to rise up against shitsec.

TL;DR ask chemist for funny speed drug lol


no asking chemist to do something is hard, they dont listen most of the time, i think we all should be speed demons by default also i deserve 10 antag tokens

We should do it the other way around decrease base speed to encourage rp

i was joking about speed increase, but the lrp speed is really fast and its hard to hit people, they run as fast as bullets, but i guess you cant change that, lrp gotta stay this way

if a chemist isn’t giving you drugs when you ask them for it they’re doing their job wrong

or they read the job description as something else than “Be a meth lab”. Maybe they do not want to distribute controled substances to the crew without permission from the higher ups? maybe sec has their Eye on them and will be very angry with them if they start turning the crew into meth adicts? they migth also be ocupied mass producing healing chems/ processing all the earthsblood mantinol stuff that gets dumped at their door? there is manny a reason for a chemist does not give random pepole drugs and still doing their job

joe momma it was a joke my guy

Usually if you’re giving drugs to people, you have to make it a floorpill or just plainly state out it will kill you. Naming 50u of meth “omnizine heal” is bwoinkable. Morphine in small doses puts you at your regular max running speed, as I said. Morphine won’t be all too dangerous at under 5u. Combining around 7-10u of morphine with charcoal can also help. Giving non-lethal amounts of morphine would be good for boosting your speed.

Also, the holy list.
Pentetic acid

Cures almost every basic damage type. Hope people throwing bodies into medbay know what the actual fuck they’re administering. Best of all, the entire list can be made in under 10 minutes with a competent chemist. Neurine can be cut out since it’s considered more of a “special” chem.

Someday I want to play botnis with a chemist on the station just to be able to just mass produce all of the botnis healing stuff stocking the chemists with so much omnizine, earthsblood, strange reagent, slime jelly(For regenerative jelly) and so on so the station has unlimited healing chems.

Which will inevitably end in the chemists placing a restraining order on me for giving them so much of the really good healing chems so they can’t afford the time to make anny themselves

Usually giving the chemist like, 20 branches of ambrosia deus can be annoying since they have to actually grind everything up into what is, at best, a 300u bluespace beaker if they put that in the grinder. There’s a lot of chemicals inside certain plants that when those effects are amplified, will make it a more tedious process of going back and forth between the ChemMaster and grinder just to bottle/pill up the chemicals.

Dropping only 4-8 once in a while would be good, so they can at least make producing the special botnis chems manageable, whilst being able to produce their own things that the station needs.

Also, strange reagant doesn’t really need botanist intervention to make.
Grind donk pockets and extract omnizine, get chaplain holy water, and then just make mutagen. EZ REVIVE CHEM

Recently I found out what the chem restorative nanites does. Dam it’s op, heals everything a fuckton. Seriously if you get it in strange seeds chemistry can just stop making healing chems and start just bottling the plants as they can’t make anything that heals as good as the plants