Sparky's Slime Handbook 4: Fuck you it's just 1 the sequel

Alright this is just an updated methodology for the start of any given round so everyone can actually be good at slime time.

So what you wanna do is go into xenobio, take three monkey cubes, and put them to one side. Take the other seven and apply them to the console. Feed the three starting slimes two monkeys each, and add one to a door.

Now you run off to RND and get industrial engineering, and make a shopping list
On that shopping list you want the following

Five iron
One glass sheet
Five cable coils
A screwdriver
A wrench
Five advanced matter bins
Five nano manipulators
An autolathe machine board

Once you have all that stuff, head back to xenobiology
Upgrade your machines, build that autolathe, and check your slimes
Grind five greys and use your last monkey to make a sixth an adult
If you get a metal, make it adult
If you get a purple, breed it
If you get an orange, grind it
If you get a blue, cry because it’s useless right now

Make a reproductive grey from the slimes you ground earlier, and use the three monkey cubes you set aside earlier to fuel it.

Make about 15, maybe more, grey slime extracts, make a reproductive metal, and then an industrial grey.
In the meantime, be breeding purples for greens, then for blacks, and greys for orange if you didn’t get one the first time.
You also have infinite plasma, because you can add 1u plasma to a metal slime extract and feed the plasteel to an autolathe to seperate it into plasma and iron. This is the most efficient method of making plasma in xenobio.

The final objective is one black extract and one orange extract. Add about one unit of plasma to the black extract, then move the resulting 5u toxin to the orange extract. If you’re not an IPC, you’re gonna want to grab the biosuits and internals tank from the locker you got your bio bag from and equip them.
You then take some water from the water tank into a syringe, fill a chamber with about 40 monkeys, walk into the chamber, and inject the water into the toxin filled orange extract.

This should fill the entire chamber with advanced mutation toxin smoke, and then randomly coloured slimes. You’re only here for one though. You want rainbow slimes.

Once you get them, and if you don’t get them DO IT AGAIN you want to make a reproductive rainbow extract, and produce between an imperial fuckton and an imperial shitton of rainbow slime extracts. Then drag a locker from wherever they are, wedge yourself into a corner with dense surroundings on all sides including at least one locker so you can leave.

Once in this position, inject each rainbow slime with 5u plasma each to create a metric shitton of random slime extracts. From there, there is only one more crossbreed to make. Take ten bluespace extracts, and feed them to a grey slime, to create a Warping Grey extract. The runes drawn with this extract will take eight of any extract and transmute it into a slime.

You have infinite slime extract in frankly stupid quantitiy.
If performed well this can be done in 30 minutes

Peace out