Sparkys player wants you to make them wanna die

So uh, Im RDS88, i mostly play Sparky the IPC scientist/virologist on sage and I want you to make me want to die by telling me how terrible I am at a game about 2d spessmen. Go.


you suck

nooooooooooooooo you can’t just insult me in 2d spessmins nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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You literally play ipc on virology, thats an insult to you as is.

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understandable, have a “die to your own virus because a monkey bit you and the cure is krokodil” day


So dying with PRIDE is alien to you now, is it? Are you playing to WIN, you filthy powergamer?

no im playing to see exactly how many ways i can break the game and i cannot do that while dead. Except when i can. Another reason to play IPC!

Understandable, have a die to the smallest emp day
Edit: iron + uranium goes bzzzzzz


balance is restored. Which is why i never fight anyone, ever, if i can afford it.
EDIT: INB4 derailed into IPC balance thread

I’ve had good experiences with you, though most of those are just me reviving you because no one seems to revive IPC’s

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that was marketed to me as an upside, but it really do be like that

Like the amount of IPC’s I see sent to medbay is ridiculous sometimes, I think at this point they need to have medbay start with some wire, welding masks, and welders just so medbay is able to take care of the whole crew instead of just the organics

thanks for the spicy drink

I said, half jokingly, that the cloner should produce a special message whenever a silicon is put in it. I like the having the wire thing, but it isnt even that hard to go and get. The biggest issue is probably lack of knowledge and not facilities.

i have a notepad document of drink recipies, and then one for virus recipes and a slime guide. Can drop em in a pastebin link if ya like

I haven’t had much interaction with you IC, but I can safely say that you’re an active and helpful mentor. I learned a lot from you back when I was getting into mining

yes please


got bored, got some time as mentor, did some funny heretic haha earlier, so uh b u m p

bro you bumped this? go die bro u suck smh playing ipc smh smh