SpaceNarin note appeal


**Admin’s CKEY:**I forgot their ckey

**Note Type:**permanent server

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-08-18 21:26

**Round ID:**6365

**Note Reason:**1:doesn’t have any particular notes, but it was clear and obvious they were metagamming with Maxoesss. auth by asciisquid
2:After log-checks, found to have brought meds to the antag they assisted in their prior ban.

**Appeal Reason:**well these bans were both wrong at the time and now it’s also a very long time since when I appealed it, the second one was more of a reban for the same thing that was then disproven as well in the same hour it was created.

**Additional Information:**the admin only banned me to get back at Owen and it was clear at the time, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and when I check my notes page I’d rather not remember that two days, if it was a genuine note then I would understand but it was honestly just a grudge against Owen that they decided to rope me into
if I can’t get it appealed that’s fine I figured I’d at least try

remove notes now
narin is cute
also ngl but ascisquid auth is poopeeepoo that homie on high levels lsd

also why the fuck is this a note, you cant just get people some meds now?

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well with the meds, it was actually the other way around, Owen gave meds to me because I was too scared of him beating me to death and ending my round to leave the bar. The person who handled the appeal and actually is the one I have to thank for being here, because the admin refused to respond to my ban appeal, is the one who placed that, they were told that I gave Owen medicine when really it was the other way around, and since they unbanned me for a minute to basically force them to show logs that was the thing they were told, but it was corrected immediately after.

I know who the admin is but I’m not gonna say their name here since I just want to get the notes appealed and not stir drama, but back when they handled it they were extremely aggressive and said stuff like
(I didn’t save the messages to me so I’m just gonna post the logs Owen had, he was passive aggressive with me but with Owen he was extremely hostile)
you and nylaa are clearly metagaming, admit it now and we probably we wont ban you perma once we dedcide if you are lying, if you lie and claim no such thing, and we make that call, you are both getting permabanned, so just admit it, look max, you are a long term player on the station and so is nylaa, we really dont wanna perma someone who has been here so long, but if you dont admit that, and we decide you are lying (which will probably happen) we might have to permaban both of you

Banning admin was DovahZodrak
Authorizing admin was Asciisquid

Both are no longer staff members and at the time also questionable admins.

The whole situation was rubbish and the note should’ve been removed from spacenarin’s admin remarks a hot minute ago.

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I’ll bump this back up, as this seems legit

I assume the appeal was made on the old forums since I don’t see it here? I don’t really know the context on your prior bans, but it is fairly obvious that you and Owen/Maxoess are metafriends. So, while the ban may have been overturned, the left over notes still seem somewhat relevant for observing admins. I know I’ve observed you two lightly metagaming in the past, I believe I even bwoinked Owen about it at one point.

I like you both, but I’m not super convinced that the notes should be removed.

You don’t need to bump something that’s less than a day old. It wasn’t even 10 hours old when you bumped it. :thinking:

owen mcshain drove over my dog in a honda civic 2001 don’t remove the notes :((

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The context was something like this:
-Max had carp, Narin was a pacifist.
-Narin did not snitch because they’d have been killed by Max.
-Max gets wounded in a fight, Narin heals them in order to not get killed.

  • Zodrak has a blatantly obvious grudge against max, basically just decides that this is meta (when both he and everyone else know that it isn’t)
  • Zodrak tells Owen he will be permabanned if he doesn’t admit the meta, tells Narin something completely different
  • Zodrak permabans the pair and refuses to respond to the appeal for no reason (i.e. Because he lied massively to get the false ban and knew if it was looked into the ban would be removed)

This is off of memory so please take this with a pinch of salt.

Everything but the last part, disease is going around, owen goes outside and brings back cure for disease I never healed Owen, but other than that yeah, and I couldn’t tell on him because he killed all of security by that point
Edit: last part being the medicine

I have every single post from my prior appeal if you want to see them

Not to mention I was only told to make drinks and clap, then Owen used his EMP so I couldn’t make drinks, and earlier I lost my arm because Zane blew it off on accident while I was following Sophia around so I was mostly sitting behind the bar, and also the person who banned us didn’t know what pacifism was,
so, you got murdered and she didnt help, because of course she cant help when you are antag… but if there was no meta-friending going on, she would be the one murdering you, and since she clearly has enough hours to identify that killing randoms is wrong, its obvious that you two are cheating

Also one other time he did the bar thing I was also the bartender, I would pretend to always be behind the bar, but when he would leave I would sneak up and untie whoever he brought in, the time after that he started critting people so I couldn’t untie them because it wasn’t like I could sneak out with them, if I had the chance I would have found someone to stop him like I did the last time, but most of sec was laying on a pile of bodies and I didn’t want to betray him because,
1)I was a pacifist
2)he has every powerful thing
I’m sorry for the multiple messages back to back, I’m just trying to explain myself and I keep remembering that I didn’t mention something

I’ll check if we still have the logs for that round

Also, we don’t do note appeals. This seems to be about a ban though.

no it was about the notes that it left, I was unbanned two days after if you don’t do note appeals that’s fine, I’m sorry

Unfortunately the logs we currently have go back to a few rounds after these events happened, so there’s no real way for us to look back on and confirm everything. (Unless I’m missing them somehow)

As they were overturned, these ones won’t play a major part in deciding what happens in similar cases.

well I don’t have the logs from the game but I do have the admin pm messages that Owen saved, and my ban appeal from the forums, I know it won’t do much when people look at them but I’ve just been kind of having a problem of trying to forget the situation but I just keep remembering the situation, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try at least since two days after I got unbanned, these bans were extremely wrong at the time and even if it doesn’t do much it still looks like I did them since the old forum is gone and my appeal showing proof that I didn’t do it and proof that the admin refused to acknowledge the appeal is too, thanks for taking the time to answer though I really appreciate it, like I said I just thought I’d try, but it’s fine I completely understand if note appeals aren’t allowed

If I may add my 2 cents here as I remember these cases quite well.

First let me say Narin is by far one of the best people to play within this game and I’m not even exaggerating. She is kind, helpful, and always peaceful. I have seen her countless times helping other players even in cases where it would cost her, her life too no matter who that player is. I cannot recall a single time where I have even seen Narin engaged in violence not even to defend herself.

Sadly this kindness has proven time and time again to be a double-edged sword for her. People unfamiliar with her and even worse admins unfamiliar will see this and naturally her kindness will sometimes extend to antags that she doesn’t know are such so it looks like shes cheating for them. Even worse is she use to play a lot and naturally this would mean eventually she saves the same player who happens to be an antag again. It looks bad if you don’t know her but again she does this for everyone.

Please accept this appeal. She’s not a cheater, she’s a genuinely wonderful person. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been saved by her or as AI have watched her save people on her own or if she learns that others need help. She is the last person who should ever be banned.

I follow this sentiment entirely. Narin good.

They’re currently not banned and there’s not much to appeal here since the bans were already appealed. Closing.

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