Space ruin survey. We need your help to improve space!

Ok some here are planning to add a lot of new ruins in space. So we want YOU to help us with this by answering a few questions

  1. What is your favourite space ruin?
  2. What is your least favourite space ruin that isn’t hotel?
  3. What kind of space ruins would you like to see more of? (Puzzle, combat, atmospheric, gimic)
  4. Any ideas on specific ruin ideas you would like added?
  1. The pirate cargo convoy
  2. Curator ship, even if the medbot is a nice friend for the journey
  3. Puzzles and ones where you get your own ship are probably my favourite. Finding new stations to build on is fun too.
  4. Maybe like a centcom ship with a syndicate raider vessel attacking it or a neutral outpost for trading. Anything with story / lore is cool to me.

Edit: Do an Ian worshipping ruin

  1. Hilbert hotel for secret erp rooms :flushed:
  2. idk i dont dislike any
  3. More combat oriented
  4. Use the flesh monsters from snowdin in one of them
  1. hilbert’s is busted and a good meme
  2. gotta say, the readded clown planet ruin kinda sucks ass. i actually like hotel, good autism fort
  3. unique and odd ruins like the abandoned cloner, hilberts, etc. .
  4. one with a wabbajack emitter- the frog statue that shoots bolts of change- would be fun, provided the forms are limited to, say, xenomaid, monky, crab, toy sword beepsky, and other wacky shit. another idea is the anomalous crystal dropped by the colossus. that one is fun.
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1.resteraunt for all the cool plushies you can find
2.that “xenomorph” ruin that’s just a destroyed building with resin floor and nothing in it
3.more ruins that are centered on exploration and that can be rebuilt like the trading outpost or the cargo shuttle on the pirate/syndicate ambush
4.honestly zesk’s wabbajack idea sounds pretty cool so I’m gonna steal it for mine and say I would want that too
Edit:also add more plushies to the restaurant ruin


1 is white ship a ruin? Also, hilberts hotel is great.

2 gotta agree with narin on the xeno ruin, along with any real ruin that just sits there with no loot.

3 puzzle ruins are pretty great. Atmospheric ruins with good loot aren’t too bad (not that ruin with broken school buses and the sequel to WGW). I don’t know what a gimmick ruin is. Combat ruins suck.

4 maybe an abandon syndicate space lab with advanced equippment (teleporters, high tech weapons, maybe some syndie gear) and some military synths that could be activated by other players. Cause synths are an underused race.

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on the sugestion part please sugest something that might get into the game. annything close to what you sugested sounds very expliotable and eather the synths need to be antag ontop of simplemobs/traps guarding the traitor gear and having something that stops the synths from using their spacewalking abilities to get to station and use it as a second life

  1. Pirate Convoy Ambush (taking the cutter is always fun with its sleeper to heal friends with)
  2. Haunted station Ruin with the 2 ghosts
  3. Combat
  4. Remains of a space battle with a new ship you can evac with but it is crawling with pirates.

ok I guess I should probably awnser this too even if this is mostly for me getting input on what ruins to make

  1. probably trade post due to the ability to coloniaw it
  2. the ruins that are onlt metal piles in space
  3. I se all the types of ruins have their good sides. but I se a need for both more puzzles and combat oriented ruins.
  4. I whant the ruins I have already made to be added going to start working on another combat based ruins based of what I have seen here

Now some answers for what people have said.

Sounds good I am probably not going to add more ship ruins/many of them as they are strong. as they let you explore entire Zlevels with almost no risk and work as easy escapes.


Can probably work with those together with some of the other ideas here

If I can get a emitter that works I will do that together with the pervious one and make a cuthulu esque ruin.

ok? am looking into that. :confused:

ok where to start with this one. syndicate gear is usually very powerful so it would need a real challenge to get in. (currently there is no wat of getting a syndicate gun in space only ammo) so any syndie gear you find in space would have to be behind a real challenge.

Then you have to count in that if you have synths in there how much I want them to be used more they are super strong. on top of the gear that would be in there it would have to have something to stop them from leaving and just using it as a second life.

As synths are space proof that would have to be simple mobs (like syndicate commandos or other really hard mobs) or them being inside a box with indestructible walls/doors with no way of getting out. And having a real challenge to open it as well

I se no way of this making it in and being enjoyable for anyone even if the idea is cool

I can se a space battle making it in but as I said previously ships are super strong so if one of the ships where to work (not even evac) it would have extremely hard mobs in it if you are going to have other things on top of it like weapons and such. (considering the enemies in the small freighter which is a ship that cant evac and contains a moderate amount of materials.)
the enemies on a ship that can evac and is not the whiteship (as that is special) it would have to have something harder than pirates and more close to commandos and things on that level.
or a space kraken megafauna that will rip you apart. but that would be a new mob so probably not happening soon
sorry for the wall of text I tried to give resoning to why some of the ideas are ususable if you whant to fight me on this at me in discord.
I am starting to work on some ruins based on what has been said here so you might se something in the next week or so. (probably longer as mark is on a haitus and so no map changes are getting in untill he comes back)

  1. Vaporwave
  2. I haven’t found enough stuff in the few times I’ve dipped into the infinite sea of the void.
  3. Literally just a space castle, give. Make several versions so that it’s always a party.
  4. Castle. Either have it big enough to have several different things, like puzzle and combat, atmospheric puzzles, gimicky combat, etc etc.

1: Whiteship, nuff said
2: The vaporwave ruin, it’s just useless
3: Puzzles and atmosphere, maybe use some of thelore we have, or preferably, make your own lore for the ruin, on the subject I do need to write the S.C.A.V. lore

4: A trading post, checkout baycode for how it looks

It’s meant for aesthetics… that you clearly don’t appreciate!
Burn this man to the ground.

The ““Xeno”” place, literally empty.

  1. Vaporwave, always a pleasure to find and enjoy the bust.
  2. Xeno place… man and paper planet. Engie borgs with a welding tank can solo paper planet, including the wizard. :clown_face:
  1. The old cargo ship that works like white ship.
  2. The Derelict, there’s nothing interesting on it except for 3 drone shells and almost every time the drones try to find SS13.
  3. Gimmick
  4. A ruin with a chest of xeno organs and an operating table with all necessary tools.
  1. The broken cloner that makes a ghost player your defunct, cripple clone.

  2. Gondola planet or ship. I feel like something can be done here, other than a bunch of gondolas. Maybe some farm plots, basic seeds and a microwave so you can turn yourself into a glorious gondola with some terrible pizza without eating raw meat?

  3. I like both, but I think seeing some more puzzles would be great.

  4. I have a few that I think would be fun.

The failed Furcon: A ship full of dead humans wearing monkey/xeno/gondola/ect costumes. All of them dead, plenty of gore around. There should be some booze dispensers that can be used if you power the APC. The cockpit should be destroyed by a syndicate entry pod with 2-3 syndie simplemobs.

The Food Truck: A derelict ship that can be taken for your own uses and purposes. It should be relatively small and contain a fridge full of food, a deep fryer and a microwave.

The primordial ooze: Asteriod with a pool of liquid on it. When interacted with, creates a clone of you with a bunch of mutations who promptly dies.

Bringing this back because now bacon is head dev

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With gateways being mostly removed (disabled on default) I’d like to see more powergamey gear in space.
Maybe some more ruins that have puzzles in them would be cool or lore.
Maybe a way to detect certain ruins if you’re smart about it, not just GPS. Kind of like a GPS that can roughly estimate the density of certain ruins which becomes more accurate the closer you are at it.
I haven’t explored space a lot though so I can’t really tell you about my favorite one or least hated, but these are just my ideas.

gateways had pulse pistols, BSAs, and much more op shit

giv op shiet in speich


ok just want to inform you that this was a intrest gauging survey done for a year ago with the intention off comming up with new space runins. by pepole who have since left this comunity. it resulted in 2 riuns

the power pusel (where you can get quite a bit of gud loot btw you just got to actually complete it)
and MCspace

So why don’t we add more