Song suggestions for use in events and such

Ruediger4 asked to make a fourm on here so he could add more songs to play during events


ill start


tl;dr bring/recommend songs that are good for either ambience or all-out loud events/fights (Think of Payday 2’s Soundtrack during assaults, DOOM, even Hotline Miami and more.)

Yes, shitpost songs can and may be used if they fit. Like spess pirates and shanties.

Eye of the tiger. (by survivor)
My way. (by frank cenatro) this one may not fit, considering it’s a slower song.
We’re number one. (by lazy town)
Gee - electroswing revival. (Not sure who it’s by, some one named kammertone posted it)

Also, I like the thunderdome song you guys keep playing, and those jojo songs (only anime with good music).

For unrobust holopara battles

Riot by dance with the dead
E1M1 by doom, but play the one by richaadeb
Miami disco by pertubator
Cool friends murtagh and veschell remix
Disco weapon by delete and kill shot
Celestial breakdown by tone box
Acid spit by mega drive
Bfg division by mick gordon
The beast by Milt Buckner
Knock knock by Seattle
Last Sprite standing by prototyperaptor
In the face of evil magic sword
Run by awolnation
Roller monster by carpenter brut
RIP and tear by mick gordon
Hydrogen by moon
The killing by Das mortal
Now for the songs that have words and or are memes and don’t work too well as ambience but are good

Big iron by Marty robins
Ain’t that a kick in the head by dean Martin
Why can’t we be friends by war (good for war)
Relentless by slayer
Mr. Roboto by styx (if AI is like nuking)
Weapon of choice by fatboy slim
Got your six by five finger death punch
Jekyll and hyde by five finger death punch
Boots and blood by five finger death punch
Master of puppets by Metallica
Holy wars… the punishment due by megadeth
Crank that soulja boy by soulja boy
Megalovania by toby fox
Fortunate son by creedence Clearwater revival (for a ds)
Hail to the king avenged sevenfold
Those are just a few of the songs that could work
Edit: if y’all need gang songs hmu I’ll add those tomorrow


honestly the entire hotline miami ost could work, that shit slaps

Spess game songs like Title3 and Thunderdome
Any of the Jojo themes, especially Battle Tendency and Propaganda.
Hotline miami is always good.
The entire Furi ost, Carpenter Brut songs(Turbo killer, Roller mobster).

Thunderdome should be reserved for thunderdome.

Thunderdome is good at anytime all the time.

Yes, thunderdome is epic.

Implant by makeup and vanity set

miniboss fight ss13 ost

bubblegum on station, RIP AND TEAR