So like, Kain virus gamemode anybody?

-Felinids everywhere
-Memes where we’re all having fun like complete idiots.

-Having to code it
-Being turned into a felinid, unwillingly

Upgrades to make it a gamemode:
-basically a convert antag except it has no real purpose than to beat up people and inject them with Kain
-win goal is just everyone being kain
-of course the usual with vaccines
-kains get tenacity as a buff
-no communism

have the station self destruct activated like an actual revs round

Another post like this and I’m raping you every round

it’s not rape if i enjoy it

How can I ddos kain remotely or can I just get on MRP as a very big black man and assault him with soap

be a changeling
Transformation sting
[Common] Kain K. Virtue says “why am I Kain now”

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-2 gay and lame
20 characters