Snorps Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: Shiraizawa

Offender’s CKEY: Snorps

Offender’s In-Game Name: Eliana Bould

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage (template needs to be updated)

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-05

Round Number: 47586

Rules Broken: 13

Incident Description: I arrived to the station around 15 minutes into the round as an engineer. The round consisted of only two players, The HoP and Eliana, the roboticist. I talk a couple of sentences with the HoP about them already setting up the supermatter and as I step into the main hallway on Meta a medibot comes up to me saying:

Inspector Johnson states, “Hey, Isabelle McConaughey! Hold on, I’m coming.”

After this I get knocked out, waking up once managing to say “Uhhh!!” before being knocked out for good and dying in the hallway. After Im found by the HoP, they attempt to revive me, which fails since my liver’s absolutely destroyed so I get cloned instead. Round is around 40 mins in now. Just after I got all my gear back and the situation explained by the HoP, the shuttle gets called with the reason of:

"Nature of emergency: Evil uh… bean… people… Invasion! Yes an invasion, coming very soon. Let’s go, let’s go! "

After which alert level has been elevated to blue. During this elevation I already got into my department for the first time, which Eliana tried to hack into, failed so broke in through the windows at CE’s office. This is all fine, they are an antagonist who tried to steal an SM sliver. As I am repairing these damages, they throw their supermatter scalpel at the floor at engineering entrance then heads towards to security with a lasersword (according to the HoP).

Additional Information:

Ahelped in-round, but no admin was on.
Eliana emagged the bots before I arrived, and on Discord they claimed they did these to distract the crew (Which consisted of them and the HoP) while they are stealing the handtele.
While I was being revived, Lydia Never joined the round as well.

I could have survived the medibot if I used meta knowledge that medibots shouldnt touch me if I am not hurt, but from my character’s POV, why should she be paranoid of a medibot when its a green alert and she just arrived to her new workplace.

Effectively my whole round was ruined and when I could get down to doing anything, I am hit with the round ending in 10 minutes

Seeing how they have very few hours, I dont want them punished, just that someone has a very firm talk about how antags dont exist purely to complete their objectives then call the shuttle when they got bored of the round.