Sneedking banned by ImSynthex

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
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Ban Reason:
Likely ban evader, 15 day year old account going around getting banned from servers, n20 flooded and lied in ticket…
Appeal Reason:
Guess i dont really have a valid reason, my yogstation appeal was denied so i wont even bother writing something long. I would just like to have a couple playable servers instead of being perma banned nearly everywhere. you dont have to unban me right now, you could just make it a week or two instead of permanent, ill behave if you do let me back in.
Additional Information:
none i guess.

Permanent bans that were not placed in error may only be appealed after one year has passed, and you have a vouch for good behavior from another reputable server.

very cool, guess ill go learn russian then. i have to ask though, is n20 flooding generally a permanent ban? or was i permanently banned because the admin suspected my account was an alt account ban evading?

because if it would have been a week ban otherwise, but it was made permanent because he suspected im ban evading then i would say it was placed in error, and i would ask you to ban me for a few weeks insted of permanently. considering the ban starts off with accusing me of ban evading i would suspect thats the case.

i realized i didnt reply to you in my last message so im not sure if you got pinged by it. because again i would ask if it being permanent at all is in error, part of my ban is for ban evading when this is my first and only account.

It was a combination of: you taking a borg body only to seemingly n2o flood and grief, then lying in the ticket and the fact you have bans from both yogs and fulp in your very short time of either playing the game or having this account that didn’t inspire very much confidence in me to make the ban any shorter than permanent

okay then, just figured id ask. it is what it is i guess.

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Kero believes that intentionally ruining the game for others is worth a permanent ban regardless of the means used or success of the attempt. Griefing at a lesser scale than was potentially possible is still griefing.

Another relevant appeal in which the player involved did not even get to detonate the bomb they made may be seen on the wall of shame. They are also permanently banned.

“To burn all bridges is to be stranded on one side of the river”

If it took this many bridges to want to change, there is no guarantee you even will.


Sorry pallie, but considering all there is to see here
I’ll have to say no

And uh
there is a diffrence in excecution, behaviour ect for how you “n20 flood”
if its an acident we’re certainly not gonna perma anyone for that
but this certainly does not seem like an acident or mistake

Feel free to come back on 2023/03/25, with a vouch from a reputable server.

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