Small Gangs Change

Ok, so I see 3 big issues that contribute to the enjoyment of the rounds with gangs;

  • As security, it is quite hard to tell gang members apart from non-gang
  • As a gang member, it is hard hard to tell who is part of a rival gang and who is not a gangster at all
  • Gangwear is completely useless, a waste of points, and a way to put a target on your back.

I do have a simple fix for all of these; disable the little UI that tells who is your gang and who is not, for members without a promotion. This is a simple fix that will fix all of these issues and make gangs somewhat more fun.

EDIT Was supposed to be posted in suggestions.

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Or just remove this shitty gamemode as it very often turns into revs but with guns.

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Remove gang
Embrace zoombi