Slouista, Application Oraculi

Your CKEY:
Your Discord:
How long have you been playing ss13?:
Approaching Two Years, One month as admin, About 4 months as a mentor.
Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
Here?, Amnestics#4935, TheButcher#3196, Elsewhere?, Scrub#6990 [Head Admin at Hyperstation]

Game Experience (More Detailed):

General Medical 8/10
Chem 7/10 [Not the best with grenades, Never been a plumber.]
Virologist 8/10 [Solid experience with two methods.]
Geneticist ?/10 [Solid experience on a few code bases, never tried it here.]
Surgery 8/10 [Can do it all, maybe not the fastest though.]

General Science 9.5/10
Xenobiology 7/10 [Solid experience, not the fastest.]
Nanites 8.5/10 [Solid experience, often has other things to do.]
Circuits 9.5/10 [Solid experience and “Forbidden Knowledge”.]
Robotics 6.5/10 [Strong sensibilities, Adequate knowledge, Not fast, Pretty quick full augmentation]
Toxins 4.5/10 [Know what I am doing in general, bypasses toxins using circuits as a crutch]

Engineering General 7/10
Construction 7/10 [Can create and power rooms with ease, Blind spots in this code-base.]
Atmos 9.5/10 [knows how to use breach barriers, abuse holofans, “safely” make plasma man lounge, ect]
SM 9/10 [solid experience, though not on this code-base, various setups,“forbidden knowledge”]
Tesla & Singularity 3/10 [can assemble as for safety god only knows]
Wires and blackouts 8/10 [great at this just don’t depend on me to find a power sink]

Service 9/10
Chef Botanist Bartender 8.5/10 [can feed a full shift, can sling drinks and grow weed]
Mine/Clown 5/10 [solid pranks that don’t cross the line too much, my jokes are not funny]

Security 4/10 [Understands spacelaw, Understands security in theory, Not robust]

Cargo 7/10 [Solid all around, Avoids fauna,Not robust however can make solid preparations]

Antags 7/10 [Good with mechanics and preparations, stealth ops, less robust]

Advancement? [at this time I do not want to become an admin, it is thankless work, maybe someday]

App looks good but you only have 17 hours of playtime on our server.
Going with -1 because of that.

Here are my hyperstation hours, I no longer have a record of my phoenix or shadow station hours.
[as they are defunct stations]

Okay but what matters is how many hours have you played here, not on other stations. I suggest playing some more and then applying again, but let’s wait for input from other admins/mentors.

Our codebase has differences with other servers. You should get more hours before applying again. (+ does getting vouch from other servers counts?)

Denied, try to gather some playtime here and reapply, you’re sure to be accepted then.