SlickDickDavis banned by bloons3


**Admin’s CKEY:**bloons3

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**Both

**Ban Type:**Server

**Ban Length:**3 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**11/19/2020

**Round ID:**24136

**Ban Reason:**RPing as a sociopath, read our rules. // Reply PM from-SlickDickDavis/(Barry Mathers): Idk I guess(?|F) I went crazy after being cloned

**Appeal Reason:**Honestly, I’m pretty damn stupid. I play on Golden mostly so I hit the Replay button at the top of the server list expecting Golden. I didn’t realize that I was on Sage. I just wanted to LRP as a guy who killed drug addicts out of disgust. I know I said I went crazy but that was just a bad lie because I thought the RP I chose was kinda cringey and there aren’t any rules against “crazy” RP in the Golden rules, if I recall correctly. I’m sorry and I won’t say I’m a sociopath again.

**Additional Information:**Again, sorry about that, and sorry to the Bababooey lizard guy. I’ll try to pay attention next time I want to join Golden. : )

You’re perfectly allowed to RP as a crazy person, but you may not use said RP as an excuse to kill someone. And thats on either server.

Yeah I just thought that would make more sense than being disgusted by drug addicts. My bad, g.

That’s a really bad idea to bring to Golden. LRP does not mean random death match and drug addiction isn’t an excuse to dunk on people. One of my favorite people to play with rolls a lizard junkie and never fucks with people, always ends up in hilarious situations depending on what drugs he has to take trying to manage the side effects.

Please don’t bring that kind of attitude and play style to Golden when your ban is up. Everyone is there for a good time, not to fuck with each other. The antag roles exist for a reason.

Accepting this ban appeal

Can @GameAdmin remove this in game?


20 Char Limit oh boy