Sleepers should not start already filled

Whats the point of even making chems for the sleeper, it almost has ALL the necessary stuff round start,
ALSO with this change, chemistry in theory blows up later because I will whip the chemists to make me meds before making meth.

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Arguably the only “unnecessary” thing in the sleeper is the quadruple healing mix or whatever its called. Everything else it has are basic medicines, which aren’t that good anymore.


I have another problem with sleepers. I don’t know jack shit about chemicals (other than those that explode).

When I read all those oxypoloximosis names I just shut off and cant tell what does what.

Could we get pretty icons saying what the chemical on the sleeper does? :flushed:

Not feasible.
The reagent containers inside of the sleeper can have several chemicals inside, and said chemicals can have several different effects. The result would be an unreadable mess of icons.

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Fine by me. I want the Whales Flag Chemical


Chemical bags can be named. If the chemist aren’t a complet moron they will add the healing effect and OD limit on each bag.

For example: “Oxandrocyclic(brute,burn,od25u)” or “Perflu(suffoc,toxin,od30u)”

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Are there good asccii characters to represent different healing properties? I imagine a toxin character and good ol’ + would do well.

Talk to the chemist! :slight_smile:


Talking? What the fuck? Is this like a Role play server or something?