Single-Tile Chasms

Actually not a bad idea.

I’m too stupid to code it though. :pensive:

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You go too far.

Chasms can be hard to see and irrevocably remove your character from the round (unless you have jaunter). Usually nobody even knows what happened unless they witnessed it, so there is almost no opportunity for humor or fun for anybody.

Vending machines are entirely your own fault and the direct result of actions you made. Vendor crushing is also not always immediately lethal and will only happen once before you know it’s a possible consequence. Also it’s usually hilarious for everyone involved, including the crushed person.

Please don’t remove vending machine crushing.


Counterpoint watching a miner walk into an abyss from lag is also hilarious. One time I walked in after killing bubble and laughed my ass off with the rest of deadchat.


Or just use lava to smelt the ore

Feel like this is more of a rant against dying from the clown structure chasms, which I’ve died from before a few times. Camouflaged banana peels should be a space war crime

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Is it? You’ll see the clown temple easily and chasms are always next to it.

you should’ve just replied with skill issue

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They should send you to Acacia


This topic highlights what I’ve been mocked for pointing out about the Bee Station community: rampant elitism and a lack of any regard for new players.

This game already has a massive barrier to entry without the veterans replying with “skill issue” and seemingly actively trying to alienate new players.

Thank you to those who responded with actual advice. I will try sacrificing my beloved belt slot for a jaunter for a while.


I made one forum post about game content and you call me a “MonkeMan schitzoposter”. Thanks. That’s real sweet of you.


git gud 2020202020

It’s been mocked because it’s a relatively minor thing when it comes to mining, honestly outside of the clown structure I can’t think of a place in lavaland with 1 tile chasms so personally I kind of don’t know what your talking about (tendril pits are pretty large). Others have been having similar complaints, but they aren’t that serious about them (to me at least).

You’ll get help without people teasing if you ask about this on the discord in the questions channel rather than on the forums. That and I’d take the “skill issue” comments with a grain of salt, if you complain about not being able to log on people will still say it’s a “skill issue”.


I explained already. When you kill a tendril it spawns chasms. If tiles are blocked within the area it can easily spawn single tile chasms that are a tile off from the main chasm diagonally. It’s really shitty and catches you off-guard.


Don’t want the chasms to be removed? Like it when someone gets permanently removed from the round just for stepping on a black tile because of mistaking it for a dark-dark-grey tile? How about you ask admins to randomly Q-delete your character in the middle of a round without any warning?

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Completely disregard me being called a “monkeman schizoposter” for making one post though.

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completely disregard that chasms are avoidable

nice strawman bucko, back to reddit with you

idk who you or monkeman are bro but you’re freaking out about it and its funny

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