Single-Tile Chasms

Why do single-tile chasms even exist? They are hands-down the single most unfun aspect about mining. How does this add to the gameplay experience at all? Is there anyone out there that is actually going to argue for the existence of single-tile chasms?

Its so frustrating to be mining away, in a high-pressure area like Lava Land, only to fall down a barely-visible single-tile chasm in an ash storm.


skill issue

I’ve had more issues with single tile lava than a single tile chasm


But you can see single-tile lava… Single-tile chasm is just heinous. Its killed me twice, and both times I couldn’t see it until after I was dead.
Saying its a skill issue is like saying someone getting cancer is a situational-awareness issue.

I’m not saying I can’t improve at recognizing them, I am saying they don’t add anything meaningful to gameplay at all.

If you are going to argue that they DO add something meaningful to gameplay, you might as well argue the game should have more booby traps that are near-invisible that kill you instantly with zero chance of revival.

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Use a Jaunter, easy as that, you won’t die from chasms ever again.

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Chasm is an outdated mechanic that should just be replaced with lava imo.

You can bridge a chasm using iron rods and floor tiles i believe. You can do it using an RCD as well but miners don’t get those anymore (being like the 5th nerf in a row), meaning you have to manually haul iron ore back to your base and use the shitty ore machine in it to get the iron, then return to the chasm to bridge it.

Either way, patch that shit up to avoid bullshit deaths. It really is a skill issue even though the mechanic is ass.

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I died to single tile chasm so I can relate

Resprite it to be more visible

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If we’re respriting abyss, can we resprite goliaths to be brighter and storms to be more red please? Lavaland is eye cancer in many ways.

t. colorblind miner main

Chasms should be reworked to send you z level down instead of deleting you.
Check ice box on tg for inspiration on how it should work.

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I ded smh.

Seriously fuck chasms, they are stupid as hell. Why do we still have them?

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The difference between bright yellow-orange on a black background and just black on a black background in the dark is a significant difference. It’s the same as walking on green grass over mines, which are also painted green.

Well, I’m going to be honest with you. I never faced with single-tile chasms. Just as Cream said, put jaunter in your belt slot if you are getting annoyed by them. Yes, I know that this is not the best idea, But believe me, anything is better than instantly dying at the hands of the abyss.

Well, I’m going to be honest with you. I never faced with single-tile chasms.

Single-tile chasms can spawn around a tendril if tiles are blocked around it. If you mine around what seems to be the abyss, you might just fall into a single-tile mini abyss that was 1 tile off diagonally.

Again, it’s still a skill issue. You can prevent all of it by just bridging with iron, but after RCDs got removed from cargo lathe, it seems like an unfun and pointless mechanic.

This doesn’t even mention the numerous deaths to chasms because your ping spiked for a second, or you tried to walk around them and accidentally pressed the wrong key, or tried diagonally walking around them. I disagree with the ‘skill issue’ part, it’s not really a challenge in any capacity. It’s just you die instantly over an incredibly minor mistake, or you die instantly to circumstances entirely out of your control.

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Lag was always deadly to miners. one second of lag in a boss fight is death. one second of lag near abyss is death. one second of lag near lava is death.

My suggestion for it was making miner boots or some other part of their gear prevent them from walking over abyss and lava while equipped.

When I say skill issue, i refer to not bridging abyss immediately when it appears. it does not apply to randomly walking into it.

There is, in fact, no skill in avoiding lava and abyss. It’s not like they move or anything. There is only skill in preventing deaths in advance - as in, bridging abyss specifically so you don’t die to it later from lag or not noticing.

When I suggested the idea above earlier, people seemed to think that avoiding lava and abyss is important gameplay and part of mining skills - something i thoroughly disagree with. Go figure.

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I agree, anything, as long as it is not instant death. Maybe they will teleport you into a labyrinth of total darkness and you need to find a way out in a certain time before the darkness “swallows” you? Or maybe make ash drake’s death loot drop one pair of wings that only work on Lavaland? (Alternative to flight potion). I know, sounds lame, but this is the first thing that came to mind, and still, instantly dying because you accidentally stepped on the wrong tile without the possibility of returning is very stupid.

Its a noob death trap

skill issue

in general ss13 has a lot of noob death traps that I think shouldn’t exist.

vendors, for one.

consequence of 4damemes troll code i suppose.

Cmon, vendors are kinda funny, though. I understand it’s kinda mean to give something as ubiquitous as a vending machine the ability to irreversably wound you, but it’s also really funny to watch some poor fuck pancake themself trying to get a free pack of Cheese Honkers.


grab iron ore

throw at lava



Then gives us a mechanic to tilt vending machine to land on someones head on the other side, actually make it a trap.