Simple guide for upgrading machine parts

Parts tiers

  • T1: Your station starts with this. unspeakable trashes beyond your expectation.
  • T2: Acceptable level of efficiency.
  • T3: Reasonably researchable in a short period and it has quite decent efficiency. Upgrading machines to this tier is quite recommended. You don’t need many materials to spam this level of tier.
  • T4: a bit challenging. It has an ideal efficiency, but you really don’t have to get this.

As it’s told already, upgrading T3 at least is recommended. If you can’t reach to T3 even, then distribute to the station with T2 at leastest.



  1. techfab(AKA lathe): decreases the material consumption for printing. The most important one.
    [Better manipulator]: lowers production costs and production time.

    This is where you need to go for techfab upgrades in an order of the important level for each department.

    1. Science (print a part first for your techfab first, then print a lot of parts with better efficiency.)
    2. Cargo (For more materials)
    3. Engineering (For better power and air)
    4. Medical (For saving people)
    5. Security
    6. Service (Ask service people if you need to find it)
  2. Battery Charger.

  3. Teleporter Hub

    • [Better matter bin]: lower the risk and severity of accidents. Removes need for calibration.


  1. Again, your techfab and lathe first. One manipulator makes high efficiency for the printing.
  2. Exploration shuttle engines. Upgrading them to T2 in a very short time is recommended for their mentality. Care them as they’re a kind of miners with a fate of limited mortality.
  3. P.A.C.M.A.N.-type Portable Generator (in the explo shuttle)
  4. Exosuit Fabricator (in robotics)
  5. Cyborg power charger (in robotics and restroom at dormitory)


  1. Ore Redemption Machine
    [Better matter bins]: Increases ore output - plus 15% per upgrade tier.
    [Better micro-laser]: Increases ore output - plus 20% per upgrade tier.
    DO THEM HURRY. This will allow us to have more materials which means more happiness.
  2. techfab


  1. techfab*
  2. SMES (the power storage units): They exist in the maints solar too, but I think you don’t have to reach there as well.
  3. Emitters
  4. Atmos cooler/heater


  1. techfab
  2. Cloning Pod: Allows the medbay cloning faster and efficiently. Most appreciated.
  3. Sleeper: Allows the medbay to give a wanted medicine to patients quickly. T4 manipulator is favoured.
  4. Chemist’s Chem Dispenser: Why not? But when you upgrade them with a battery, you should check if the batteries are charged well or chemists will be frustrated to see 0 power.
  5. Chemist’s ChemMaster: It needs upgraded 2 beakers per a machine to upgrade. Tricky.
  6. Chemical Heater
  7. Grinder: (in the chemistry) This can be easily missed, but this can increase the chemical yield output after grinding them.
  8. Chemist’s fridge: It allows to put more medicines inside. although it super-rarely happens, upgrading parts for them are not expensive, so just do it.
  9. Cryopod and Cooling machine
  10. Genetics machines: For faster joker

Don’t in medicals

  1. Stasis bad: T1 is already full efficiency.
  2. Viro’s PanDemic. This is a console, not a machine. Not upgradable.


  1. Gun charger. (in the brig and in their security offices in each department)
  2. They might have medical machines if a doctor decided to give them a better treatment environment.


Most tricky ones. See below.


  1. Gene modifier: The botanist’s eternal friend. Unlike other machines, this one is extremely desired to be upgraded to T4 since it allows the maximum level of gene modification.
  2. Botanist’s Chem Dispenser: Don’t give them 0 power battery. Botanists will like this to be upgraded too.
  3. Seed extractor: usually built next to the biogenerator. Upgrading will allow this machine to produce more seeds.
  4. Biogenerator: for more biomass.
  5. Fridge: Just know it will increase the amount of storable plants, but you won’t reach the maximum even if it is still T1.
  6. Grinder: This can be easily missed, but this can increase the chemical yield output after grinding them.

Don’t in hydroponics

  • Hydroponics trays: Upgrading them is meaningless. Don’t. Efficiency exists, but current hydroponics don’t need it.


  1. their drink machines. Don’t give them zero-charged battery or they’ll feel the same feeling of the chemists for this.


  1. Microwave: This is easily ignored, but they will like the upgrades.
  2. Food grinder: I am not sure if they would want it.
    (The_Normal_Anomaly’s helpful description) The food processor in the kitchen multiplies processed food, exactly like the slime processor in xenobio. So you shove one cutlet into a t4 processor and get out 4 strips of bacon. Its stupidly helpful for a lot of gimmicks cooking and stretches ingredients farther


  1. Cyborg power charger - This is written again to remind

Did you mean Proto-lathe or Techfab? Because the autolahte is the one sat at the front desk of both cargo and sci that has the public access one with mundane generally useful, non-specialized stuff, Proto-lathes and Techfabs are the things with the expansive, department specified lists.

Because this keeps everyone happy, More MATS for Less work. The miners will also love you for this increases how fast mining points can be gathered.

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I have never seen Chemist’s fridge run outta space so upgrading that seems really meaningless.

yeah, it has a good amount to store already, but a chemist meets it in a rare case. (when they work hard)
and upgrading parts(matter bins) are not expensive for them.

man no hate but if you’re gonna make a half baked guide with parts you don’t know and incorrect information… maybe just don’t make the guide

that’s why It’s still draft. I hit ‘post’ it accidentally and I couldn’t make it back.

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ah well that’s fair then, good luck with finishing the guide then man. Don’t let me discourage you

Your formatting leads me to believe you meant:

Btechfab(AKA lathe)
Matter bin: decreases the material consumption for printing. The most important one.
This is the important level of the techfab.


is this not the same thing???

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[quote=“EvilDragon, post:1, topic:17017”]emphasised text
Stasis bad: Not really needed, but weemphasised textll, it can stasis people with a slower time.


stasis beds instantly apply the stasis effect at tier 1, upgrading them does nothing

the pandemic is a console not a machine

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Upgrading the microwave (I forgot which specific part) will increase the chemical yield inside of food items, i.e. you’ll get more ominzine in a donkpocket.

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Thank you all. fixed incorrect descriptions and changed the format.



Chem Dispenser T4 for the chem that increases yield.
Gene Modifier for letting them save max traits.
Biogen for more biomass. (IMHO Strange Seeds should be an option at T4 at 5000 points a seed)
Seed Machine for more seeds per plant.

Processors (both food and body) for more parts. eg T1 1 meatball per meat, T4 gives 4.
Blender for the same reason.
Microwaves for better food quality. (eg Donks have more omnizone and nutrient from t4 microwave)
Fryer for quicker frying. (Be careful toast, toast, toast makers)

NOTE: The first Science upgrade should be Engineering which unlocks T2. 5 bins, 5 manips and 1 laser will upgrade Cargo ORM and lathes.

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It would take a multi-hour shift with non-stop rapid growing to fill up a fridge. Not really required unless the issue comes up.

The seed extractor honestly should be upgraded with at least tier two parts so it doesn’t produce one seed, though not fully upgraded because you don’t need like 10 seeds from one plant.

Also you forgot the botany chem dispenser, which very much needs upgrades.

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oh my bad that I forgot botany chem dispenser and seed extractor…

The only concern is running low on un-replenishables such as uranium, diamond, bluespace crystals

I do the following order, since sometimes doesn’t bring enough diamonds and BS for enough T4 parts:
Cargo ORM (remember that all T2 parts and some T3 parts only need basic materials like iron copper and glass which can be found on the station, try to get this done before the miner arrives to deposit)
Cargo Lathe (JUST MANIPULATORS, bins are only useful if it is not connected to the ore silo)
Science Lathe (since you will be the first to research parts you will also be printing them the most, more likely than engineering will)
Only upgrade the following in the following order once you have T4:
Medical sleeper (less waiting them compared to chemistry)
Cloning pod and Cloning DNA scanner
All department lathes (service lathe isn’t that important so you can skip it)
Botany (do not upgrade the trays)
Exploration shuttle
Teleportation room
Engineering (optional, the engineers can do it themselves if they have the need)
Security doesn’t have much other than their chargers and lathes.

a good way to optimise resources is to print 2 tier-3 manipulators, upgrade the protolathe, print 2 tier 4 manipulators and upgrade the lathe again before printing out all your parts


Cargo Upgrades (cos it’s the only one I know ny heart)

5 Bins, 5 Manips, 1 Laser. This is easy to print and is enough to upgrade ORM and Fab and Autolathe.