Silicon ban appeal

Title: Qfmysteryman23 silicon banned by RiskySikh

CKEY: Qfmysteryman23

Admin’s CKEY: RiskySikh

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Job ban

Ban Length: 3 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 08/04/2020

Round ID: 19285

Ban Reason: Killed a syndicate agent despite their laws stating not to kill or harm any members of the syndicate.

Appeal Reason: I was emagged as a borg and given a syndicate comms key, syndicate operatives told me that botanists were trying to undermine our plans. So I went and killed a botanist that was near bye. I had no idea this person was a syndicate because. This person never talked in syndicate chat or anything. So I had no way of knowing. Then this Douche bag admin RiskySikh had the audacity to think that I killed this man whilst knowing he was a syndicate. upon learning he was a syndicate I immediately tried to clone him.

Additional Information: Don’t give out bans for mistakes.


I think this is a pretty fair appeal. Its like how the AI can technically kill any unknowns on MRP because it doesnt know that they are crew if they have no ID. Same concept applies here. Emagged borg had no way of knowing that the person killed was a syndicate unless the person who emagged them made it clear. In fact, even if the person HAD access to syndicate comms, the emag laws state that only people that the person who emagged the borg designates as syndicate agents count as syndicate agents. The borg doesnt even actually get to make that distinction itself. Only the hacker gets to decide that. This ban shouldnt have happened, even if its only a 3 day job ban.

Also, to the appealee, your format is slightly off. Ban date refers to the day you got banned, not the day the ban ends. It has not yet been the 4th of August. Thats just a nitpick, otherwise everything looks good. Hope this gets cleared up soon.

@RiskySikh needs to lift this and delete the note, because the law 0 of the emagged lawset is:

Only [emagger] and those they define are syndicate agents


Understood, I removed the note for it and I apologize for that.