Should suicide bombing be forbidden?

To be fair bombs have real use outside of the single research bomb. Make maxcaps, fly to an asteroid, and make miners look bad with the amount of ores you bring back from blowing it up.

Alternatively just give the bombs to them and watch the ores fly in.

Fun fact: bomb cap is doubled on lavaland.


I think the epicenter and devastation radii need to be significantly smaller or even scale to have maxcap mix require significantly more thought , as big hole to space for heating up plasma and cooling down oxygen is uhhhh

This does run the risk of making it harder to make your bomb do numbers, but like… explosion size being linear and then getting cut off by a “max cap” which you can reach in like 5 minutes feels like a disservice to actual toxins.

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I don’t feel like my input here would be valid but I always feel like suicide bombing has no place in rp (outside of martyr ofc).

I don’t see how a typical crew member would be okay dying for a petty thing, death is a terrifying concept for the human (and non-human) mind. It also wouldn’t help that it’s a very violent and sudden death too.

(inb4 “Well medbay can just heal them lmao”) That’s not what I mean.

I think this is an unnecessary addition but read if you want

I personally feel that the bee player base’s mindset isn’t based around rp, I always get the sense that people are playing avatars instead of them being actual characters.

I could just be imagining it myself but it just feels off for me.


That’s pretty much it.

Instead of thinking “would a sane crewmember really suicide bomb in a non life or death situation” they think “boom boom makes me win”


i think its reasonable in some cases. if an eldritch cult is about to summon their imprisoned god into the mortal plane, or the nuclear assault team is just seconds away from blowing the place to kingdom come, or some other situation involving suddenly dooming a crap ton of people, i would probably sacrifice myself for the greater good, yeah?


Would you sacrifice yourself for others though? Its nice to say, but I doubt a lot of people would actually go through with giving their life.

The fun thing about video games is that they let us be whoever we want to be, and we can do all the things we say we’d do but will never know if we will or not.
I think a lot of people, if you asked them, would say they would give their life in such a situation. I doubt all of them really would. But in a game, in Space Station 13, they can pretend to do it. They can live up to their expectation of themself. I think that’s one of the best things about games as a whole, including Space Station 13.


basically what cartlord said, but also yes anyway.

narsie being summoned spells doom for an incomprehensible number of people and eternal damnation/servitude for your soul.

a nukie team succeeding means that a bunch of people are going to die and a select few people are gonna be stranded on some hostile lava planet, and who knows if you’re gonna be rescued assuming you manage to escape in the first place.

both situations involve life-or-death-or-eternal damnation situations for far more people than you, so taking your own life for the sake of that many people is very reasonable.

simply ask the nukies to go with them.claim you have valuable information and become a classy hostage

get shot by the turrets on their ship.

won’t die if jetpacked in or taken inside bodybag or locker or w/e

It definitely shouldn’t be the go to solution.

As others have said yes there are people(myself included) who play or have played characters who through job or otherwise swore themselves to protect the greater good.

However, a bunch of people who have done that as an excuse to constantly Mary Sue is boring. Even more boring if there’s not really much else aside from that or don’t bother to make it a consistent thing.

Perhaps we need a “No Mary Sue” rule?

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Suicide bombing is just kind of lame. Unless whoever the victim has bomb protection, which almost no one ever does, it is an instant win with no counter play. Not to mention the fact that if it gibs you, you are essentially done for permanently.

I rarely ever die to people bombing me as antag. It’s quite easy to tell if someone wants to bomb you by the way they act, or what items they are holding.