Should Slimepeople Get Another Surname Option?

As it is, the formatting is [colour] [Surname ending in -son]
eg: Violet Robertson, Jaundice Henrikson

But this isn’t the best to do because while in America and some other places females can have names like Robertson, traditionally it means ‘the son of Robert’. So where are the girls? The surname -dottir (Stylized dóttir, but byond doesn’t like accented letters) is traditionally used for girls (see image), so would MRP benefit from an update to the naming policy for slimepeople?

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  • Add dottir as a surname suffix
  • Just Blue Robertson is fine we don’t need this!

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Just wanted to confirm that this is the exact reason for the names ending in -son. Oozelings are test-tube babies created by and named after nanotrasen scientists.

Viridian Ellison is named after Hugh Ellis

son makes no sense for female oozelings and even then I doubt all scientists have son in there name especially female scientists to have only son in the name and ignoring the fact it makes no sense for a female oozeling is stupid and as much as I hate to say this kinda sexist though I also don’t agree with dottir theres no names that end in dottir to knowledge and I doubt vikings would even be a thought on a space station

dottir or dotter would probably be good, yeah.

(Can just specify that you can spell it in your way as long as it’s that theme, I think some places spell it tottir too.)

Can stuff it in the random name gen and write in the policy that it has some sort of suffix indicating parentage, with -son or -dottir being typical

Mobile formatting time.

Ruko more meant that Hugh Ellis (the Scientist) would have named their creation as Viridian ElliSON, rather than all the scientists having -son at the end of their last names.

There are plenty of last names that end with dottir, and it fits the -son aspect hand-in-hand. Sounds like more of a subjective geographical experience.

I don’t see why Nordic last names wouldn’t survive to spess time, they’ve got just as fair a chance as say Smith/Garcia/Singh/Nguyen/Suzuki, etc.

Supposedly Sweden was wiped out but we have space russia and I think space britain so why not, I dunno, space danes

I like to pretend like this is already the case ;F

I mean it fulfills the naming policy in spirit so I’m of the opinion that the policy should be updated to reflect its original intention.

I think -dottir would be a good suffix to add to the name.

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I believe it should be an option, however you should be able to choose between the two

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