Should I give playing security another chance?

  • Yes
  • No

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Edit cause I’m dumb: i was Bernard Orchid as sec

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Hah! Made it fifty fifty at least for a little bit.

Yes if you can not be shitsec, no if you can’t

playing security is not good for your mind


Can confirm i get burnt out after two-three shifts in a row, it can be a fun and engaging job but you need a competent team to back you up

Follow space law and try to not become a powertripping rude asshole



Ensure the release of those who’ve served their time, prevent random executions, advocate for use of the Station’s Labor camp over death penalties and ensure proper interogation and conformation of guilt before throwing folks in the slammer.

Sign up and temper the murderous elements of Nanotrasen’s “Bravo Echo Epsilon” section private security department today.

I don’t play Janitor because I don’t find it fun. You shouldn’t feel any obligation to play a department you hate

I always say limited your time as security because it’s the best way to avoid the sort of toxic sec mindset.

I stopped playing sec because of it but to replace it I just became a lawyer. because I’m actually super unrobust sssshhhh


I meant to put yes, honestly a good hos or warden is all it takes. Try to roleplay (ik obviously) is all it takes. I personally go plasmaman sec/warden and I talk to the suspects and tell them there charges and if they’ll willingly accompany me to sec and if they request a lawyer. Honestly seems if you put in effort others will treat you more than shitsec

I get the point you’re wanting to make with that but frankly
1: i dont think that’s up to me to determine if I’m shitsec or not and
2: ive noticed people label you shitsec for any reason, stopped that random from ruining the bar to build a fighting pit? Shitsec. Took the contraband away from the assisstant? Shitsec, he wasn’t using for evil. Asked someone to come in for questioning then assumed they’re guilty when they chose death over answering questions? You got it. Shitsec.

I honestly think shitsec almost needs to be treated like saying based and cringe etc in game, fine when said out of character but IC people just use it anytime they feel inconvenienced and others see it on radio and decide oh great we have shitsec and it all snowballs


Do it. Security is great, just make sure to prioritize RP (even simple stuff like communicating your location/actions to your fellow officers) .

And remember! That assistant you just slapped the harm-baton on is a real person with hopes and dreams. Make sure you use that against them.

Good luck and be kind!

don’t play security unless your ready to sit in brig for 40 minutes until the stealth antags show themselves

Playing security just to hunt antagonists is why security has such a bad rap. Interacting with the crew is the way. You don’t always have to look for arrests, you can HELP people too!

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Security can be alright, but do expect it to be CBT or to have nothing happening aside from the quirky mime causing war crimes over and over again.

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I disagree with that, i quite enjoyed going out and patrolling, chastising the clown for slipping people, sentencing the mime to one bad pun for “shooting people” (finger guns).

For all the problems with sec there is plenty to do aside from “wheres the antag at”

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I get be the change you want to see and i try it, but it goes both ways, even if i bee the best sec i can bee it only takes one person yelling shitsec on radio and suddenly the whole station is telling you ooc how much you suck… i like to think i was a good sec officer but thats not something for me to say, thats up to those who saw me haha

Help i am beestation illiterate

What is CBT



oh my god he doesn’t know


What I mean is the true definition of shitsec. Basically the “no-fun-ever police”. The guys who will wordlessly disable you on sight, even if you’re being completely harmless to the crew and doing any gimmick. The guys who never communicate with the crew unless they’re asking where the balid went. And so on.